Weird Ways People Use Blenders

Weird Ways People Use Blenders

It is refreshing to witness our differences as human beings, even with the most mundane of things. It goes to show how innovative the human mind can be. We all have this innate nature to just “figure out” ways of utilizing different objects around us. Fire’s discovery must be one of the biggest proofs of the human drive to experiment. We even encourage our kids to do it very early when we give them blocks to build an unimaginable number of creations. While someone will use a broom to dust, another person will use the exact same stick to keep the windows shut on a windy day. There is no right or wrong, however, the smartest people are those who know how to be resourceful and make do with what they have. Let’s consider a common kitchen appliance like the “blender”. Along the lines of being imaginative and getting different uses out of one single object, check below to see the many weird ways people use blenders:

Crushing Ice

Blenders are normally used to “blend” food. However, many people use it to crush ice for their morning smoothies and protein shakes. It is a great way to blend the ice, try it if you do not like chunks of ice cubes swirling around in your drink. However, before you go ahead and jeopardize your blender, click here to go through to check ice-crushing blenders on the market and see if you have the right one for this uncommon task. If not, you can select one from the list that has a powerful motor and durable blades strong enough to crush through ice cubes. 

Preparing Nut Flours

Many people are steering clear from old wheat flour pertaining to gluten allergies and the desire to become healthier. Nut flours are a great wheat alternative, especially almonds. Almond flour can be used in making gluten-free bread and pizza crusts. A blender makes it easy to finely chop the nuts and thoroughly mix in any desired spices like salt or oregano for a savory flour. 

Cooking Fluffy Omelets

Many people use this trick to take their omelets to the next level. Blending the eggs with a dollop of milk or heavy cream will create a frothy mixture that cannot be achieved using a hand whisk. This makes a fluffy and airy omelet with an irresistibly light texture. 

Creating a DIY Body Scrub

People who are passionate about DIYs or just prefer to use natural beauty products use the help of blenders to prepare homemade body scrubs. There are many recipes for all skin needs; however, most of them include a sort of natural or essential oil and scrubbing agents like salt or coffee grounds. Using a blender will ensure the mixture is homogeneous throughout, especially if it is made to be stored. 

Preparing Home Made Fertilizers

People use kitchen waste like vegetable and fruit peels to prepare homemade organic fertilizers. All they have to do is throw the peels in or some coffee grounds from the coffee machine with some water and they blend it all together, and voila! A cheap and easy way to use organic waste and get better quality fertilizers to use around in home gardens. 

Grounding Medicine Tablets

Even though it is a strange way to take medicine, but, some people find it hard to swallow tablets, so they prefer to crush them all together and add to their juices or plain water. A word of advice, do not try this unless you get the green light from your doctor since some medicines are not supposed to be taken together or blended with liquids. 

Mixing Slime Colors

Who would have thought that blenders could be essential for an arts and crafts session with your kids? Kids nowadays are obsessed with slime! The savviest slime makers will tell you that blenders actually work great in mixing different materials perfectly when preparing slime. It is also very helpful in coming up with colors that your kids run out of! If you will give this a go, make sure you clean it thoroughly after you are done, you do not want gooey blue chunks in your orange juice the next morning.

It is refreshing to witness our differences as human beings, even with the most mundane of things.

Many people like to look at common household items and come up with other innovative ways to use them. Just like we saw above, a blender can just be a blender saved for kitchen use, or, you can dream up seemingly crazy ideas and increase that cost per use we all worry about when making a new purchase. After all, we all have our own quirks, so, keep an eye out and you will surely start appreciating the beauty of the human mind.