Welcome To Travel Talk Working Holidays in Australia

We caught up with two English lads that are taking Australia's tour industry to the next level

Welcome To Travel: Melbourne was founded by two Englishmen, Darryl Newby, and Adam Ogle. “We picked fruit, drove tractors, slept under the stars, applied sun-cream badly, surfed even worse and most of all laughed a lot as we went on a journey that would end with us living in Melbourne.” The guys love to add a personal touch to your experience as they know  “Travelling is a big deal and it’s natural to have questions. We’d love to meet you and learn about your travel goals” to do this they “go that bit further and offer a free one-on-one Skype to answer any questions you feel you can’t find on our site.” Which we think is awesome!

We caught up with two English lads that are taking Australia’s tour industry to the next level

The lads state “We want you to travel like a local and we can’t wait to share those little tips with you, it’s all part of the Welcome to Travel: Melbourne experience.” We caught up with travel legends to get some tips to help you make the most of your working holiday experience in Australia.
What’s are your names and what do you do?
Adam: Adam, co-founder of Welcome To Travel, I look mainly over the operations and running of the company, whilst also being present on tour for any aftercare for our customers.
Darryl: Darryl, the other co-founder of Welcome To Travel, I look over our social presence, guide training and the running of the tours as we’re constantly tweaking the itinerary to offer the best possible tour.
Welcome To Travel are growing fast in popularity. What are you doing differently?
Darryl: I think we have the advantage of knowing what it is like to be that traveller for the first time in the country. We came to Australia in 2010 (originally from Scarborough, UK) and with our travels around the world, we know your experiences are always better if you meet likeminded people.
Adam: With that, we have that care factor, we have been in their position and what we’re trying to do at the heart of Welcome To, is create a travel community that always has each other to contact whilst their travelling. This is why we offer lifetime memberships for anyone who travels with us.
Sydney has always been the standard start point for working holiday intro weeks, in your opinion, why should people be starting in Melbourne?
Adam: I think people get this misconception that we hate Sydney…we don’t we think its great and we actually lived there for 10 months in 2012. However, most people that are coming over to Australia are wanting to travel the East Coast, which means if you start in Sydney and head north to Cairns you will miss Melbourne. Whereas if you start in Melbourne and head east you will inevitably visit Sydney anyway.
Darryl: Melbourne is constantly voted the best city in the world to live, because of its hidden gems, its sport, café, bar and beach culture and its European feel, it makes it a very easy starting place and also a place where you may want to come back to live and work whilst you’re on your working holiday visa.
Alongside that flights are very affordable into Melbourne and quite often cheaper than Sydney nowadays.We want to help backpackers, working holidaymakers and anyone else planning on coming to Australia make their money go further.
You guys are the experts on Melbourne and Aus travel so can you give us some tips?
Darryl: If you’re not working or travelling then you’re wasting your money away. Structure your working holiday right depending on your budget. Don’t travel and find a job for one week and then travel for a week and try and find a job. Try and work and travel in big stints.
This is how I would organise my working holiday:
First week land in Melbourne travel and get set up.
1st -2nd month – travel first destination (Great Ocean Road and East Coast)
3rd – 5th  month – regional work
6th month – travel second destination (Outback / West Coast / Tasmania) dependant on what you would like to see.
7th – 12th  month – work and save money in the place which you loved the most on your travels
Here you then have the option to stay in the place which you love and also you have your second year visa to use whenever you want to.
Adam: That’s honestly a great way to do it.
I will also say in terms of buses everyone comes over here thinking that there is just Greyhound as an option, but there are also buses from Melbourne which go to Sydney and Adelaide called Firefly which is around 20% cheaper than Greyhound and also Premier up the East Coast of Australia

  1. Before you book, where should people start researching for inspiration
    • top 3 Instagram feeds
    • welcometotravel (obviously) – our Insta game is picking up. With all fresh content.
    • Melbourneiloveyou – The best images around Melbourne
    • Australia – The Australia insta feed is so good for a tourism board. Kudos to thm
    • top 3 Facebook groups/companies 
    • Welcome To Travel: Melbourne we put out fresh original content and also had a viral video or two.
    • Backpackers In Melbourne, Australia (BiMA) great Facebook group to find inspiration and meet people before you even arrive.
    • Australia Backpackers – similar to BiMA but on a country scale.
    • top 3 blogs/travel websites
    • Again without sounding like a self promoter welcometo.travel and check out our vlog section.
    • backpackerbanter.com covers everything from what you should pack, how much he spends to what gadgets you should bring travelling.
  • Check out YouTube channel – Backpacking Bananas so informative for everything travel related, especially if you’re a solo female travelling for the first time.

(Can you give a short summary of why you choose each one)
Once you have decided where to start, what are your thoughts on

  • working first
  • travelling first
  • mixing it up

Adam: Totally dependent on your budget and your expectations of Australia, I think Darryl summed it up pretty well before but a big part of travelling is budgeting.
If someone is coming to Melbourne and planning on working there for a while, where should they look for accommodation? Can you recommend 4 suburbs and give us three words to describe each area?
Adam: Fitzroy, if you want to be part of the Melbourne ‘scene’ then Fitzroy has it all, amazing bars and cafes it is a great place to get a job in hospitality.
Darryl: St Kilda, if you want to live the Australian lifestyle of going to work and finishing your day by heading to the beach.
Adam: CBD, is pretty affordable. It is crazy what you can get in terms of accommodation here, you can get an apartment in the city for around $250 a week and you’ll have a gym, swimming and sometimes tennis court as part of your apartment complex.
In each of those areas where is the cheapest place to eat and drink?
Adam: Fitzroy – Perserverce and Night Cat for a drink and a dance food wise you have so many good veggie options around there. Get to Vegie Bar and Smiths and Daughter…might not be the cheapest but if you’re veggie you’ll be glad you went.
Darryl: St Kilda – Lentils As Anything eat and La Roche to drink and also Red Eye Bar.
Adam: City – Centre Place for food and for cheap drinks download the app ‘The Happiest Hour’ but my favourite bar is The Mill House.
Can you give us any general ‘backpacker traps’ to avoid in Melbourne? 
Darryl: That’s a great question…I actually can’t think of any. I know when I get to a new city I’m obviously cautious of scams but I can’t think of any.
Adam: Yea the same, just with jobs and apartments make sure you sign a contract before you commit to anything. You sometimes hear stories of people not being paid for a shift here or some people not getting all their money back from the bond, but very rarely.
Do you have any tips for someone who wants to get a sponsored job?
Darryl: The list of the jobs for sponsorship always changes and the sponsorship visa got a real shake up last year and that can happen at anytime. I would recommend if you’re goal is to stay long term, is to let the employer know earl on into your employment that you’re looking at sponsorship to stay in the country.
Adam: We have seen so many people through our years of travel be indifferent about staying in Australia and then it gets to their last few months and they don’t want to leave. So before you start looking for sponsorship, do your regional work and if you look at the format Darryl gave you earlier, if you go onto your second year visa straight away, you can work another 6 months with that employer, giving you more of a chance to get sponsored…but another key tip is if you want it WORK YOU’RE ARSE OFF FOR IT.
After someone has finished their working holiday or sponsored job in Australia, what should they do before they leave?
I.e. close your bank account, they charge a fee each month. 
Get your super refund back at backpay.com/weclometotravel
Get your Australian tax back
Get references from employers
Anything else
Darryl: Make sure you have uploaded all your pictures on Insta.
Adam: Also don’t forget to say bye to us if you came on our tour ahha.
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