What are the Top Tips for Travelling Around Australia?

What are the Top Tips for Travelling Around Australia?

Almost 10 million people travel to Australia every year, making it one of the most popular countries for tourism in the world. There are different reasons why people choose to visit the legendary southern hemisphere nation, with some going for short hotel trips and others going for lengthy tours of the country.

For many people, a backpacking tour around Australia is a rite of passage, and some would say that everyone should do it at least once. The key to enjoying a travelling adventure around the country is to keep to a tight budget and not overspend. You also want to be as comfortable as possible, so it’s crucial to travel light. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Start Off in a Dorm Room and Meet Some Travel Buddies

The first hurdle for solo travellers to Australia is trying to choose somewhere to stay upon arrival. After saving up to leave your home country, it can be tempting to splash out on a swanky hotel for a couple of nights first. There’s no reason not to do that, and if you want to live the high life before slumming it on the road there are some stunning spots in Sydney such as the Park Hyatt. When you’re ready to start touring the country, however, you’ll need to get into hostel mode.

Starting off in a cheap hostel dormitory is the best way to meet like-minded travellers. You might come across some seasoned tourists who can give you tips on the best places to visit, but you’re also likely to run into people in the same boat as yourself who you can travel with. Hooking up with some buddies will help you tour the country on the cheap, as you can chip in for things like car rental and get package deals on trips.

Only Take a Small Selection of Clothes

Ask any traveller what the most frustrating thing about getting around a country is and they’ll probably mention luggage. Carrying a massive bag full of clothes can be highly inconvenient, especially if you’re hitchhiking or walking long distances. The best recommendation is to only take a handful of clothes and just get comfortable with the fact that you’re going to be a bit smelly at times.

Many travellers will take a few pieces of spare underwear, but they’ll adorn themselves with the same shirts and shorts every day. To keep these items fresh, you’ll want to take them in the shower with you and wash them in there. Luckily, clothes dry out pretty quickly in the heat Down Under, so it’s a pretty convenient method. Sometimes, your attire might get ripped if you’re traversing the outback, so it’s good to keep some fabric glue handy too. You can use this to repair clothes easily, fixing minor tears and rips without the need for sewing. When you’re miles away from the nearest department store, glue could be your saviour.

Work As You Go

One way to make sure that your money doesn’t run out when you are travelling is to do some work if the opportunity arises. That way, you won’t eat into your savings as much and you can tour the country sustainably. There are loads of hostels that offer people the chance to stay for free if they put a shift in for a couple of hours a day. Some places even have strong links with local businesses and farmers, so they might be able to hook you up with more regular work if you plan to stay in Australia for a while.

These tips should get you started when you travel to Australia, but it’s also a good idea to read some more detailed guides. It’s a well-trodden path and there’s loads of information out there from people who have done it all before.