What Are the Treatment Options for the Most Common Pest Problems?

Treatment Options for the Most Common Pest Problems

No one likes to know their home is infested with a pest. However, it’s a problem that’s more common than you think. Pests will invade any home they can to make it their home as well, often to our dismay. But fear not, because with quick action by yourself or a pest controller, you can regain your home in no time. This article is looking at the most common pest problems and treatment options available.

1. Termites

Incredibly, 1 in 4 Australian homes will have termites! Deemed our most destructive pests, with costs to repair their destruction ranging between $7,000 – $8,000, termites are not to be taken lightly. Worse still, termite damage is not covered by most household insurers.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to enlist the help of a professional and experienced pest controller immediately. Do an internet search to obtain their URL, look at reviews or forums to find the best website to find one. An experienced pest controller will provide a treatment plan, monitor these pests with baiting stations, as well as use chemicals to rid your home of termites. 

They’ll base their treatment plan on the type of termite invading your property. Subterranean termites typically damage homes from the ground up, making crawl spaces particularly desirable to them. In contrast, drywood assessments will invade your property near its roofline or other exposed areas, so regularly checking your attic is a good idea.

2. Spiders

It’s always a shocking development to find a spider nesting in some part of your residence. With the most dangerous spiders living in our country, we can little afford to be complacent when it comes to a spider infestation in your home. Their bites alone could kill or require urgent medical attention. Yes, spiders may help rid us of reducing flies and mosquitoes in our home, but we still have to be extremely mindful of the potential harm they can cause us and our loved ones.

Spiders love warm, dark places like cracks in walls, eaves, corners, and air vents. It’s advisable to regularly check your home, hotel, hostel, or wherever you’re staying for these arachnids. It’s also a good idea to know which ones are particularly harmful to humans so that you can immediately identify them. 

Unfortunately, spiders do not live in one area, which makes it difficult to rid your home of them. An experienced pest controller will not only know where to look but will also be able to rid your home of them.

3. Mice

Unfortunately, these pests are active all year round, making their nests in warm and quiet environments, making your loft or gaps in your cavity walls ideal for them to live and breed. They’ll gnaw at your wiring and their droppings are known to be potential childhood asthma triggers. Of course, you can set up the traditional mouse traps to catch the odd mouse, but what do you do if there’s an infestation? Seek the advice or services of a pest controller. Based on the size of the infestation, they’ll recommend the most appropriate treatment to rid your home of mice.

Pests are never welcome visitors. Complete regular checks on your home, keeping an eye on any unusual activity or droppings. If you find your home is being overtaken by pests and if you’re unsure what to do, get in touch with a pest controller immediately. This is for your peace of mind and to protect your loved ones, as well as your property, from potential harm.