What Is a Jobactive Provider and Can They Help You With Gainful Employment?

What Is a Jobactive Provider

Australia has always had a problem with unemployment, so any resources or methods that can help get people into a job and earning a living are a positive thing. While job seekers need to be motivated and self-starters, having a helping hand and the ability to access essential resources and employment networks is vital to success in the job market.

One such way job seekers can receive the extra help they need to find gainful employment is with the help of jobactive providers. That’s what we’ll be looking at in the post, so you can discover what a Jobactive provider is, and what they can provide to help you get that job.

Before we dive right in, a quick word on gainful employment. This essentially means obtaining a job that provides regular work hours and salary. It doesn’t refer to temporary employment or on-call jobs.

What Is a Jobactive Provider?

A Jobactive provider is what used to be known as a “Job Network provider”. The scheme is an initiative of the Australian Government and Centrelink to help get people back into the workforce. Years ago the now-defunct CES used to perform a somewhat similar role.

Currently, there are Jobactive providers at more than 1700 locations across Australia.

In a sense, a Jobactive provider acts as a kind of agent or intermediary between the job seeker and a potential employer who requires staff. Rather than the job seeker making a phone call directly to the employer or sending them a resume, they’ll be referred to the employer by the Jobactive provider. The provider will recommend job seekers on their books to the employer, as well as let job seekers know when a suitable position arises that they can apply for.

What Resources Does a Jobactive Provider Offer Job Seekers?

For a start, when a job seeker joins a particular Jobactive provider, they can then visit the Jobactive provider’s offices anytime they like to use the computers to search for current employment opportunities.

Unemployed can also take advantage of other facilities the provider has, such as using the equipment to write cover letters and resumes, printing and photocopying, as well as binding resumes so they look professional.

Sometimes a job seeker will need to learn new skills or take a refresher course to be up to date with previously learned skills. Jobactive providers can put job seekers through certain courses to improve their skill set, making them more job-ready and stand a far better chance of landing a position.

Jobactive providers will also run their own workshops and training sessions on their premises. These sessions are designed to help build self-confidence and motivate job seekers to find work.

Being unemployed can sometimes be a depressing and lonely existence. Jobactive providers are there to help job seekers every step of the way so they don’t have to go it alone with no assistance.

How Jobactive Providers Help Employers

It’s not only those seeking employment who can benefit from a Jobactive provider. Employers stand to benefit from this network as well.

Employers and business managers are generally very busy people. After all, they have a business to run. When the need to hire staff arises, it can become a fulltime job writing ads, taking phone calls, sifting through hundreds of resumes, creating a shortlist, calling people in for one or more interviews and so on.

It’s extremely time-consuming.

This is where a Jobactive provider saves time and stress for businesses seeking staff, as the Jobactive provider will do most of the groundwork as far as shortlisting potential candidates go. They will find the most suitable and qualified job seekers, and then have those job seekers submit their resumes for review by the employer.

It saves a lot of time and headaches for both employers and job seekers alike and provides a far more streamlined and efficient approach to filling job vacancies. It also helps job seekers get a look in, as they’re not simply sending off a resume along with hundreds of other applicants. Only a select few will be forwarding their credentials to the employer.

Jobactive providers are all about bringing employers and job seekers together in a way that benefits them both.