What is the legal age to play at an online casino?

Things have changed in the last few years due to pandemics and it is only natural that these alternations are typical phenomena not only in the US. The whole world is experiencing a technological turn from any physical service to an electronic online one. Whatever we do now, we do it through the internet. 

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There, we can order food and groceries. We choose our clothes on websites that can even use artificial intelligence to put them on your body, so you can see how an outfit would look realistically. We use these services as a matter of convenience. However, over the pandemic when all types of social entertainment were forbidden, we realized that life has changed so dramatically that we can now entertain ourselves on the internet as well.

Whether you believe it or not, one of the oldest and most popular entertainment activities even now is gambling. This industry is usually known for its physical nature and the vibe of the physical casino space. On the other hand, it has transferred as well to the internet space and online casinos are now super trendy all over the world. All the machines are digitalized, and you can be betting, participating in live tournaments, and winning welcome bonuses, rewards, and even jackpots in real money from the comfort of your home.

What is best about online casinos is that you can not only enjoy a few available games and slots, but you can browse through the massive variety of these so you can find those that suit your preferences the best. For those, who need total privacy, this is the perfect choice on the market as no download activity is required and you can leave no trace of gambling just by using the incognito mode on your device. 

What is the legal age to gamble in an online casino?

The legal age to use any gambling service on the internet really depends on the location of the globe. Different countries have different terms, conditions and policies. The rules are generally stated by the government and the institutions concerning the industry in the different countries. On the other hand, taking in account the laws, different casinos can impose their own rules when it comes to their users, but the maturity level they set as a minimum for gambling cannot be younger than the one stated by the laws.

However, what is important to note here is that you have to make a difference between the laws in your country and those in the country that provides the service. When you are wondering whether you have to take in account the laws in your country or the country that provides the service, you have to consider the ladder. If you are in a country where gambling is even forbidden, you can always pick any foreign provider to gamble depending on their restrictions. Here is a quick overview of some countries where you might want to gamble digitally.

1. United States

 Online betting is now allowed in the US for those over 21. However, depending on the state the restrictions may vary to 18. What offers a plot twist with a happy ending for the user is that even if the legal age is 21, you can still use the services of one of the three tribal online casinos where the legal one is 18.

 If you are an American citizen, we do highly recommend that you follow the age requirements or just pick another foreign provider of the service. It is a fact that not following these rules is a low-effect crime, but American institutions take it pretty seriously. If you cross the line of the law, you may have to pay a massive thousand dollars fee, lose your driver’s license, and even go to prison for up to half a year.

2. New Zealand

 Online gambling was only permitted for those who were at least 20 years old under New Zealand legislation. In Australia, this is again considered a crime, but you are surely not going to jail for going over the laws. On the other hand, if you get caught betting underaged, you will have to pay a fine of about five hundred dollars.

3. United Kingdom

 In the UK, just like driving on the road, everything else, including the gambling industry, is different. It is fact that you can gamble and bet all over the UK when you turn 18 years old for real games. They are certified in the country as categories A, B, and C. However, for games and slots from category D, there are no restrictions as these are games that insist on a maximum bet of 1 pound only and even kids can enjoy them experiencing their luck by winning little prizes. Generally, in Europe, things are a little different and you can play all types of slots and games when you turn 18 years old.

4. Australia

 In Australia, things are pretty common. When you turn 18 years old you can gamble online. What is very interesting and similar to Europe, but different from the US, is that this age is the legal one for lottery tickets as well.

5. Canada

 As Canada is a country way too big for one institution to set the laws and rules all over it, it turns out that the legal age for gambling online is different depending on the province where you are. In Quebec, Alberta, and Manitoba, you can start playing at a casino when you become 18 years old, whereas in all other territories, you have to be at least 19 years old to use an online casino service.