What Really Happens In An Open Relationship

What Really Happens In An Open Relationship

Nowadays, it’s more common to spot someone you know walking hand in hand with a stranger, getting cozy, and being intimate with some public displays of affection. Don’t get confused and nosy, they are not cheating! They are just exploring a side they’ve kept locked up for some time. Open relationships have become so popular that international award-winning films have been produced about such relationships. However, open relationships aren’t for everyone and you should have an open and honest talk with your better half if you want to explore this route. So what really happens in an open relationship?


Apart from spicing up your stale sex life, an open relationship will free you from that cocoon you’ve been in for so long. Having a unicorn – an extra partner – that isn’t conventional and longing to break out is not only fun but it’s also liberating. There are a ton of fetishes that you, as a couple or trio might have and wish to explore. In line with Sarah, a happily married wife at cuckin.com, you can engage in cuckold fantasies while still maintaining a healthy relationship. Nevertheless, this calls for extra caution whenever you are with strangers. Also, you can go through couples who have similar fantasies and kinks like yours, but who have had the opportunity to realize them first hand.

More of…Everything

Among the reasons for getting into an open relationship is the exposure to more sex, intimacy, romance, satisfaction, and, you have a lot of love to go around. Well, that’s exactly what happens! You not only get to give all this but also get to receive more of what you are used to and accustomed to. Wow, that’s a lot of…everything from a relationship, right? Since you are not limited to one partner, you get to enjoy all these perks and more.

Self-love And Acceptance

It’s not easy when you see your better half go on a date with someone else. Worse still, that date might end up with some hot romantic sessions of lovemaking. It’s easy to be jealous and afraid that your partner might fall for the unicorn. How do you get around this? You might ask. Learning to accept yourself the way you are will make it easier for you to know you are not the only one your partner makes love to. Additionally, you might not be the hunkiest or bustiest your partner will have the pleasure of…pleasuring. In simpler terms, open relationships are for individuals who’ll learn to accept the situation and love who they are.

Learn, Trust, And Be Honest

Under normal circumstances, going out with some stranger whether behind your partner’s back or in their full view amounts to cheating. Luckily, that’s not the same with open relationships. Yes, you will be jealous and you might also feel a bit hurt. But the trust you have built over time is rock solid to sustain your primary relationship. Additionally, laying some ground rules, including open communication will encourage you to be honest at all times – sometimes brutally honest. From discussing the prospect of an open relationship, you’ll learn to be honest and discuss all aspects related to the relationships you are involved in.

Your Loyalty Is Tested

It was just the other day when you went on a date with a certain gorgeous lady and it ended with some steamy hot shower sex and now, you can’t stop thinking about her. You look at your partner who is peacefully sleeping next to you and you start to doubt whether you still love her. You start asking yourself whether it’s the right time to pack and move out or you should stay and rekindle your bond. 

Having built a relationship with a partner who’s stayed with you through thick and thin should give you a reason to stick with them whether you’ve experienced sexual fantasies from the other party or not. 

You Are Your Own Boss

By this, it means that you get to determine who becomes the other half in your relationship. You are the one holding the cards and by picking someone who’ll fulfill your fantasies, you could end up leading a healthier life. Ensure to pick responsible partners who’ll bring out the best in you and help you to achieve your life goals. 

There are a lot of intricate moving parts in an open relationship. But when you get them right, you are assured of satisfaction guaranteed. Before you get into an open relationship, go through these points to gauge yourself.