What Tourists Should Know About Gambling in New Zealand

What Tourists Should Know About Gambling in New Zealand

New Zealand is known for having a laid-back, easygoing population that enjoys lovely weather, a solid economy, and excellent ties with its Asian neighbors.

New Zealand has a strong association with gambling, and with the number of casinos in the nation expanding year after year, gambling and casino tourism in the country is becoming increasingly popular.

There are numerous world-class casinos in New Zealand for players to visit, but before you travel for your next big gambling vacation, you should become acquainted with some of the New Zealand gambling laws.

The measures in place in New Zealand to restrict gambling appear to be extremely sophisticated at first glance. However, we will assist you in resolving any potential challenges you may experience, as well as highlighting some of the advantages of gambling in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Gambling Law

Commercial gambling was not legalized in the nation until the 1990s, with the first real money casino in NZ opening its doors in 1994. Since then, the industry has grown rapidly, and billions of dollars are being spent on gaming in New Zealand each year.

Despite New Zealanders’ obvious passion for gambling, the country still has a fairly restricted number of casinos. This is due to the strict provisions of the Gambling Act, which the government approved in 2003.

This act limited the number of gambling possibilities that could be developed within the country, making it extremely difficult to open a casino from a bureaucratic standpoint. Having said that, the casinos that currently exist in New Zealand are among the best on the continent, attracting visitors from all over the world.

New Zealand’s Online Gambling Regulations

NZ online gambling regulation differs slightly from the rules that govern the country’s traditional casinos.

The Gambling Act of 2003 effectively prohibits online gambling within the nation. However, there are several exceptions. The New Zealand national lottery, as well as some sports betting and other activities, are all available online and are all overseen and regulated by the New Zealand government.

The Totalizer Agency Board, together with the New Zealand Lotteries Commission, are the only government-approved entities to provide online gambling services in New Zealand.

Citizens, as well as tourists, can still play at offshore gambling sites. When utilizing these sites, the New Zealand gambling age of 20 still applies. This also means that if you visit the country, you will almost certainly be able to play at your favorite online casinos from home while you are there.

What Is the Legal Gambling Age in New Zealand?

The legal gambling age in New Zealand is dependent on the form of gaming you choose to engage in. If you wish to go to a casino and try your luck at winning money, you must be at least 20 years old.

However, if you wish to place a sports wager, including one on horse racing, the limits are less stringent. In New Zealand, the gambling age for sports betting is 18 or older. Throughout New Zealand, there are several good sports betting outlets.

These age requirements apply regardless of where you are from, and gambling rules in your home country will have no influence over your gambling in New Zealand.

It is fairly common in New Zealand, regardless of how old you appear, to be required to confirm your age when placing a wager or entering a casino. So, don’t be surprised if you’re questioned for identification. Typically, you will be required to provide a government-issued piece of identification, such as a passport or driving license, from your home country.

Discover the Best Gambling Sites in NZ

There is a number of options for legal gambling sites in New Zealand but how to find the best ones?

We recommend that you verify the following points:

  • Games Lobby: Which game developer provides the casino’s games? Is the game developer authorized? Do they have classic games like roulette, blackjack, and poker? Do they feature a wide range of new games in addition to interactive themed slot and poker machines?
  • Options for tournaments: Tournaments aren’t available at all online casinos, so check to see if yours is, and if it does, add it to your list of reasons to play there.

If you compare and contrast the various casinos, you’ll notice a significant variation in what each provides.

By ensuring that a casino provides the most convenient and well-paying amenities on these criteria, you’ll be able to enjoy your casino journey knowing that you’ve picked the best option.

Why Is Casino Tourism So Popular in New Zealand?

Despite having very tight gambling rules in the view of some, the country has drawn a large number of visitors for gambling reasons and continues to rise in popularity with its neighbor, Australia.

As a result, many people wonder why the Kiwi casinos are so popular among tourists. One of the most obvious responses is the caliber of the casinos in the country. While there aren’t many of them, the ones that do exist are fantastic.

  • The SkyCity casinos in Queenstown and Auckland are both world-class entertainment destinations, while Christchurch Casino is another famous tourist attraction. New Zealand casinos not only provide a welcoming ambiance and some fantastic odds, but they also feature a variety of different poker machines and good table games for their punters to enjoy.
  • Casinos in New Zealand have also stolen a page from Las Vegas’ book, with several of the country’s casinos providing a variety of good entertainment for their tourists. The majority of them will have fantastic restaurants and bars, and some may even have live entertainment for paying clients.

Furthermore, the country has an outstanding sporting culture, making sports betting in the country a wonderful experience. There are several racetracks around the country, as well as hundreds of great sports betting shops on the main thoroughfares.


Overall, visiting a casino or going on a gambling vacation in New Zealand is a fantastic experience. The casinos are outstanding, and sports betting in the country is also excellent.