What Types of Furniture Should You Have in Your Garden?

What Types of Furniture Should You Have in Your Garden?

There is a wide range of garden furniture sets available. Some are just for decoration, while some are designed for practical use. Although some garden furniture can be used inside the home, it is made with materials that won’t damage the floor. There are pieces made from wood and steel, and plastic. The most common pieces of garden furniture are:

Folding chairs

These chairs are lightweight and easy to carry around when they need to be moved or stored. They can also be stacked when not used, so they don’t take up space in the yard or storage.Some folding chairs have backs, and others do not, but they all have seats that people can sit comfortably on for hours at a time.

Chaise lounges

These chaise lounges and sun loungers are often cushioned and made with material that will withstand exposure to sunlight without fading or discoloration. They can hold several people and recline back enough so the users can relax and read a book or listen to music without having to remain upright.

Folding tables

There are many different folding tables available, including circular ones, rectangular ones, and square ones. They can be used solely as tables, or they can be used as serving trays or extra seating at parties.


Chairs are available in all varieties; from classic wooden chairs to plastic deck chairs, there are many types of outdoor chairs to choose from. Wooden chairs are often preferred since they last longer than other types of furniture. Wooden chairs can be painted or stained to match the theme of the garden. There are also contemporary metal garden chairs that are lightweight and easy to carry around.


Outdoor tables come in all shapes and sizes; round, rectangular, square, octagonal …The list goes on!  A large table is perfect for family gatherings during barbeques, while a smaller table is ideal for intimate dinners with friends. Tables can also be used as side tables or for placing plants on.


A bench is perfect for your patio area and provides an ideal place for you and your guests to sit and relax outdoors during the warm summer evenings. Wooden benches look great if you have wooden decking surrounding the area, but there are many other materials you can choose from, such as cast iron or aluminum. These materials are perfect if you plan to place the bench near the water, such as a swimming pool or pond, as they won’t rot as wood would.

Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are lightweight and don’t cost much at all, so they’re ideal for kids’ parties or other events where you only need seating for a short time period. However, they can be difficult to clean after use, so it may not be ideal if you have young children who like to paint their legs with food coloring!

Cast-iron garden furniture

This is the most resilient type of garden furniture, and it can be left outdoors throughout the winter and will last for decades without any maintenance. Cast-iron furniture is very heavy, so it’s not easy to move around, but it’s worth the effort if you have a permanent location for your garden furniture. Cast-iron chairs are generally expensive, but they are durable and passed down from generation to generation.

Hammock Chairs

These are more comfortable than sling chairs, but they don’t allow you to sit upright while relaxing in your garden space. Hammock-type chairs are available in two types – rope hammocks and wooden hammock chairs. Hammock chairs for sale online can be found on several websites. Hammock chairs come with pockets on both ends so you can keep magazines, drinks, beer bottles, etc