What Will Workplace Health And Safety Protocols Look Like Post-Lockdown?

Workplace Health And Safety Protocols Look Like Post-Lockdown

Employment rates have been recovering since May, with 4 million Americans returning to work. However, the situation remains delicate, and many are still afraid to return as health and safety in the workplace is the number one concern of displaced employees. This doesn’t just extend to worker’s comp in the event of infection, but measures to prevent it in the first place. Let’s take a peek at how workplace health and safety will look like post-lockdown.

Provisions By The Government

Many people are looking to the government to provide and enforce safety rules to protect worker health. This is exactly what the State of Virginia did after inaction from the federal government. These rules will compel companies to enforce disinfection and distancing procedures. They will also be mandated to notify employees of possible infections, as well as other relevant health news.

There will also be mandatory temperature readings of anyone entering or exiting company premises. Other screening procedures will be provided and possibly even subsidized if the situation demands it in the future. This move by the State of Virginia has been considered a landmark step in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

The Obligations Of Employers

Employers are expected to enforce all the rules the government will provide. These stretch from providing free hand sanitizers to pre-packaging all the food provided at the office. They’re also obliged to give rule-breakers both verbal and written warnings. Surveys determined what punishments employees thought were fair. Responses showed that they would prefer if employees were suspended on their third offense.

Extra deeds such as arranging more office cleanings are at the employer’s discretion, but strongly encouraged. It’s also on them to ensure that employees have proper workers’ comp and other insurance set up. Fortunately, Cerity says that tailored worker’s comp packages are better for both parties that settlements will be doled out promptly and smoothly.

What’s Expected of Employees

Besides following the set rules, there are a few other expectations on the employee level. To maximize productivity, employees are encouraged to get as much sleep as possible. This is especially important since many offices will implement staggered and rotating shifts. This is to minimize the amount of people in the workplace. Employees then have to take on more tasks for the workplace to remain at a good working capacity. Hence, energy conservation is a top concern for employees.

They’re also expected to cooperate with management in writing up an incident report for their worker’s comp claim. Any correspondence with lawyers to smooth the process along will also be on the employee. Employees should also weigh in on planning for staggered and rotating shifts.

This ensures the greatest amount of convenience and workplace safety. However, we’re still thinking up innovative ways to adapt to this current climate.