What You Need To Become A Teacher In South Australia

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Moving to Australia to start your career as a teacher is as challenging as any and before you make any plans to move Down Under you should be sure that you hold all the required qualifications and experience.

Before you can start your plans it is required that all people hoping to become a teacher in South Australia have to complete an Application For Assessment Of Qualification.

What You Need To Become A Teacher In South Australia

This is to determine that the qualifications you hold meet the minimum requirements of the Teachers Registration Board.

  • For South Australia you have to meet the minimum requirements set by the Teachers Registration Board (TRB) which are:
  • Higher education (ie. university) qualifications
  • Totalling at least 4 years of full-time (or part-time equivalent) study
  • Including an approved teacher education qualification

What You Need To Become A Teacher In South Australia

To achieve this you may have previously completed a full time undergraduate teacher education qualification that was at least four years long. In this period you will also have had sufficient amount of supervised teaching practice.

Qualification Documents

Academic Transcripts: This is the record of your mark that you received, the course you studied, awarding institution and the name of your qualification. Sometimes this is referred to as an Academic Record. It shows that you completed all aspects of the qualification and that it was awarded to you.
Degree Parchments: Also known as Degree Certificate or Diploma, the Degree Parchments is received at the graduation ceremony. For those coming to South Australia from overseas you will have to present this along with your official transcript.
Course Syllabus: This document identifies each requirement that every student should meet before they can be awarded with their certificate of qualification. For overseas teachers you will need to provide evidence of your supervised teaching practice.