What You Need To Know About Matched Betting And Why You Should Give It A Try

What You Need To Know About Matched Betting

Income for most people means going to work and working hard from nine to five, exhausting yourself, and then repeating that cycle every single day. It’s just tiring. Many of us just want to earn real cash easily or just in the comfort of our own homes. May you be a stay-at-home parent or a student looking for a way to earn money, anyone can perform and participate in matched betting.

What is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a low-risk form of gambling, even considered as risk-free because no matter the outcome of the event you wagered on, you would receive the amount offered in the free bet promotion. It’s typically on sporting events such as horse racing and used to make guaranteed profits. By implementing a mathematical equation rather than luck, matched betting, commonly referred to as ‘bonus hunting’, ‘double betting’, or ‘no-risk betting’, guarantees matched bettors profits by having all outcomes of a match or an event covered. Whilst people think that free bets being offered are in limited supply, they are actually not. You can ensure that free bets keep coming in day after another.

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Backing and Laying Bets

Matched betting works by making use of a ‘back and lay betting’ technique to turn free betting credit given away by bookmakers into real money. In order to achieve really significant, sustainable, long-term profits, these are two very important things that you’ll need to understand. However, the most simple thing you need to know to do matched betting is their differences are.

The back bet is the most traditional form of a bet. Essentially you’re saying “I think this will win” or, “I think this will happen”. If the selection you bet on does win, then you’ll win your bet and the profit along with it. If you pick and bet on a horse in the Grand National, you’ve backed that horse to win.

The lay bet, on the other hand, is the exact opposite to a back bet, where you are now saying “I don’t think this will win” or “I don’t think this will happen”. It is something made popular with the rise of online betting exchanges such as Betfair. If the team that you bet on does not win the match, you win your lay bet. If the result is a draw, that means your lay bet also wins because they didn’t win the match.

How Does It Work?

By using lay bets, any risk that a back bet poses is canceled. In order to remove all risk, you back and lay against the same result. You cannot lose your bet because you have every outcome covered, which means whatever the result may be, it doesn’t matter. You will be making your profit out of the bookmaker’s free bets and other promotions. Your first bet, known as a ‘qualifying’ bet, is what qualifies you to earn a free bet. You won’t make any profit on this.

You can guarantee profits by using the same back and lay method once you have received a free bet from a bookmaker. This is because you’re now playing with someone else’s money for half of the bets, but you get to keep the winnings. This cancels out all possible risks and guarantees you an easy profit, regardless of the result of whatever sporting event you’ve placed your bet on. With matched betting, you’ll find ways to constantly keep earning the free bets that can become daily income. However, there are two other things that you should keep in mind. These are lay commission and liability.

Lay Commission is the tiny percentage of your winnings that you pay as commission when laying bets. This is how betting exchanges make their money, versus regular bookmakers who provide you unfair odds to make their money. Exchanges return more profit on your bets almost all of the time even with commission factored in, so this isn’t much of a loss. Liability is the amount of money you stand to ‘lose’ on a lay bet. However, remember that you won’t actually lose this money when using the back and lay technique.

What You Need To Know About Matched Betting

What’s the Catch?

That’s the thing, there is no catch! The only probable catch that one might consider there to be is the amount of time you’ll be allotted for it. However, it is possible but extremely unlikely that you will lose money in matched betting. This can occur if you make a mistake during the betting process. Also, it is unlikely but possible that the odds will change in-between you placing your back bet and lay bet in a way that causes an overall loss. Other than that, there’s nothing that you can possibly lose. You don’t guess what will happen and risk your money on it coming true because you back both options. You depend on mathematics instead of just mere luck. Thus, making it impossible to lose.

Is It Legal?

Matched Betting is definitely a hundred percent legal. When you consider the amount of money that can be made doing it, matched betting has been quite a well-kept secret. However, there’s no need for it to seem like some sort of shady underground operation. In fact, according to a spokesman for William Hill, a bookmaker, there is no illegal element to matched betting. With that being said, you can ensure that it is entirely legal.

Essentially, matched betting is a tax-free way to make money from free bets by utilizing bookmaker offers. Unlike gambling with varying legality status depending on the country and place, matched betting is completely legal and can be a really great and lucrative side hustle for those looking to boost their income. Yes, it might take some time to actually get to know your way around things, but you will learn eventually. This just proves that you have to work smart, not hard.