What You Need to Know About Teaching Jobs In Australia

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Who hasn’t thought about upgrading from the British grey winters to the never ending sunny shores of Australia? The teaching profession has seen a rise from those who are enquiring a move to the land down under. Many are turning to recruitment companies like Smart Teachers to make sure they have the correct information and the best possible chance to be successful in their applications.

Here is what you need to know.

Qualifications and visa requirements

Every state and territory within Australia governs its own educational system, so it is best to check what specific requirements there are regarding the state/territory in which you wish to work. Most commonly, you will a university or college teaching qualification (BED or PGCE) will be required and of course, an Australian education visa or skilled working visa.

Average Salary

The rates of pay differ across the Australian states/territories. A new teacher will likely earn between $65,608 and $69,000 which is around £40,000 and £42,000 and is a very large difference to the UK average, which is currently just over £19,000. Regarding the vast difference between wages, teacher who move to Australia to work have consistently reported a greater experience in lifestyle which is one of the many reasons why such a move has become so attractive.

Tips for teachers looking for a job in Australia

  • The optimum time to fill and application is early September.
  • Email all of the Australian states to see what is available.
  • Consider which state you would most like to live and work in
  • Use a supply teacher role to buy time if you can’t find a job immediately


Individuals should not hesitate to get in contact with recruitment agencies like Smart Teachers to ensure that they are headed in the wright direction and with the correct understanding of what is needed.

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