What You Need To Know About Traveling With Your Pet

What you need to know about traveling with your pet

What you need to know about traveling with your pet. What’s more fun than bringing your furry friend with you on vacation? But before you travel with Fido or Fluffy, you need to prepare for paperwork and pet travel requirements. For example, do you need traveling insurance? Does your pet need vaccinations? What should you bring with you? So let’s break down what you must know before you travel with your beloved animal companion.

Are You Traveling by Car?

Traveling by car may be the simplest way to travel by pet, especially if you take your own car. You will need to see if your pet needs vaccinations at your travel destination. Check ahead to see if your lodgings or rental car company allows for pets. Often you just need to pay a small fee for bringing along your fluffy friend. 

On the trip, remember to stop to walk your dog. Pack pet food and clean water for long trips. Dogs often enjoy having the window down during a drive. Bring anxiety medication from your vet if your pet gets jittery in the car. There are a wide variety of options in today’s market if you are out looking for something to calm your dog’s nerves. Karma Pets have a very good hemp-infused calming treats you might want to try. Make sure that your pet can safely sit with the kids in the back. You might want to have smaller pets in a carrier if you think they will run around the vehicle during travel. 

If you travel by bus and plan to vacation with dogs, contact the busline ahead of time. Ask about pet requirements. There may be a weight limit or you may need to bring a carrier. Some buslines may allow only service pets and emotional support pets. You will need to have proper paperwork. Regardless of how you travel with your pet, you should bring registration information and their vaccination papers. 

Are You Traveling by Air?

Traveling by plane has its own set of regulations and concerns. Most airports have a special screening process specific to animals. You will need to contact your airline first and discuss what requirements pertain to your animal friend. Rules change with each airline. Some airlines require pets to travel in cargo, which can cause anxiety and severe illness for pets. The airline may restrict pets to verified service pets. Additional pet fees on an airline may run into hundreds of dollars. Make your reservation in advance. 

Prepare the animal carrier with the right tags and information. The tag should have your contact information, the pet information, and flight number. Attach extra dog food to the carrier. On the day of travel, exercise your pet as much as possible and give them an opportunity to relieve themselves before traveling. Some airports have designated areas for pets. Call ahead to verify. Realize that if you travel to a foreign country the regulations may be entirely different. Prepare for any situation ahead of time by calling the airlines, car rental place, and lodging to find out about animal restrictions. 

At Your Lodging…

Once you have arrived at your destination, let your pet relieve themselves. Exercise them and give them food and water. They may have anxiety because of the trip. This is usually normal. Do your best to comfort them acclimate them to their new surroundings. Lively puppies may cause damage to a hotel room. You will need to keep them in a carrier while you are out if this is a major concern. Always feed them and give them water before you go out without them in case you have a delay. You can arrange for a pet sitter ahead of time if you have concerns about leaving your pet behind. Have a wonderful vacation with your furry friend! With a little preparation, you can make memories that can last a lifetime! What you need to know about traveling with your pet,

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