What You Need To Position Yourself For Business Success On The Go

What You Need To Position Yourself For Business Success

Managing a business while travelling is now the norm for many business owners. With more Australians taking the leap and becoming successful digital nomads, each of them attributes their success to a few key strategies and tools. Achieving success as a business owner while on the road takes a little more than a stable Wi-Fi connection though. From creating a responsive and well-crafted business website to establishing customer communication and marketing channels, here’s how to begin positioning yourself and your business for success wherever you go.

Ensure Your Business Has A Well-Designed Website

Many nomad entrepreneurs rely heavily on the digital aspect of their business to make it successful – including a well-designed website. Website visitors form an opinion within two-tenths of a second of visiting your business website, according to the Missouri University of Science and Technology. With your website being a point of the first impression, you must get this right, particularly if you are a nomad business owner. A few basics of a well-designed website include optimal loading time (three seconds or less), easy navigation, and clear visual mediums.

However, a good business website also relies on strong branding graphics like synchronized logo designs, color schemes, and typography. Your website is the perfect way to build your business’ brand identity, and using the right visuals can help with that. Your business website should also be tailored to your industry. For instance, in contractor web design, the design criteria includes imagery considerations such as photography, videos, and other graphics to adequately display your work portfolio. This often means your website will need to be optimized for videos, or your videos must be compressed to HTML5. Whether you choose to outsource to a graphic/website designer or build it yourself with one of the many website builder platforms available, ensure these basics are in place.

Download The Right Digital Marketing And Communication Tools

Entrepreneurs also need the right tools to manage their business effectively. Luckily, the digital age has introduced valuable tools that entrepreneurs can use in their many roles as a business owner. For communication and employee management, remote working communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack can help you stay in touch with your employees wherever they are. For individual projects, Airtable, Asana, Timely, and other pieces of project management software are all easy to download and use while on the go. A key point to note here: while these tools go a long way in helping you manage the human resources and different projects in your business, setting a schedule is also important. Your team’s schedule may differ according to time zones or commitments, so you should be prepared to be flexible.

Nail Down A Robust Business Budget And Financial Plan

Lastly, like any business owner, you need to have a firm grasp of your business’ financial position at all times. For an entrepreneur who is always on the road, ease of access and mobility will become critical. Ideally, many nomad entrepreneurs choose to self fund their businesses. As a nomad, managing your expenses and debt becomes important since it can be difficult to do so while on the road. This is the same with your business.

Having a clear and updated business budget helps you stay on track with your business’ financial goals. The use of accounting and budgeting software like Quicken and Personal Capital comes in quite handy here. For other financial business functions like payroll management and invoicing, nomad entrepreneurs can utilize Quickbooks,  Envoice or Square Payroll. Lastly, for your business financial plan, be sure to include a cash flow projection and cost-profit volume spreadsheet. This helps you plan for your business, and also in your personal spending.

Whether it is at home or on the road, your choice in business tools can make all the difference. So can you position your business for success and still travel the globe? With the right tools, chances are you can.