What You Should Look For In a Video Production Company

What You Should Look For In a Video Production Company

Nearly everything is about video these days and the reason why YouTube has become the world’s second-largest search engine next to Google. As more and more people turn to video to consume content, it’s now vital that individuals, businesses and artists take advantage of the video medium to remain competitive in the modern world.

While you have the option to create your own videos with a digital camera or smartphone and some video editing software, your videos are far more likely to stand out, be remembered and get social shares if you enlist the help of a professional video production company.

In this post, we’ll look at some tips on finding a company that specialises in video production and how to choose the right one for you.

Take Note of Videos That Already Impress You

Let’s say you want to create a marketing video for your brand, or for one of the products or services you offer, one way to find a good quality video creation company is to find out who made the marketing videos you’ve already seen online.

For example, if you see a video on YouTube that you think is very slick, chances are there will be a mention in the description or the video itself about the company that made the video.

This is one method of compiling a shortlist of video production companies you might want to deal with.

Search On Google In Your Area

You might be located in Sydney and want to find a company that makes professional videos near you. Trying a simple Google search for video production Sydney will bring up a list of options for your general location. You could refine the search further by adding in terms like ‘marketing video” or even your suburb if you want a company that’s very close by.

Once you have a list of possibilities, it’ll be time to do some deeper research on each company. Check their “About” page on their website, and also look for independent testimonials.

Choose a Video Production Company With Experience

While it’s always nice to give a newcomer a chance, if you really want your video to be top-notch, then you’ll want to choose a company that’s been in business for a while and has an established list of happy clients.

The only way you’ll truly know if the production quality is what you’re seeking is to view the videos the company has already created for other clients.

You’ll also want to know whether the production company creates videos that suit your niche. A certain style of production might be perfect for the corporate world, but maybe not so much for somebody advertising a blue-collar business, for example.

Personal Recommendations Always Provide Valuable Leads

Maybe you know somebody who recently had a video professionally shot and produced. It might have been a music video, a marketing video, or even a professional wedding video. If the person you know was very happy with the results, including value for money as far as pricing was concerned, then there’s every chance that same video production company will do a great job on your video too.

This is actually one of the very best ways to discover a company that’ll be good to deal with if you trust and know the person giving the recommendation.

Do They Offer a Script Writing Service?

You may decide to write your video script or have a copywriter write you one, but if those two options are off the table, then you’ll want to know whether the video production company writes video scripts, or at least has writers on file who can draft a script for your video.

Professional Tips and Advice

Unless you’re already an expert on video production and marketing via video, you’ll want your production company to help you out with some useful tips and advice on how best to get your message across. You won’t just want someone who can film and edit the video, but a full-service company that will help you out with the entire process from start to finish.

It’s all about finding a one-stop-shop so you know your entire video production is in good hands.