What’s the Cost of Owning and Transporting a Sailing Yacht

the Cost of Owning and Transporting a Sailing Yacht

Owning a sailing yacht is the dream of many people. If you have been afforded the luxury of being at the helm of your very own sailing yacht, or are considering investing in one, then look no further than this all-encompassing guide. This page will help you to understand the costs associated with owning and transporting a sailing yacht. Yachts are the pinnacle of luxury and afford you the freedom that you absolutely cannot find anywhere else – they allow you to traverse the entire globe, find adventure, and make new friends. Sailing is one of man’s oldest passions – and with a sailing yacht, you can find out why for yourself.

What’s the cost of owning and transporting a sailing yacht, you ask? Look no further than here!


Transporting your yacht is something you will likely do reluctantly. Many people are hesitant in letting their yacht go, albeit temporarily. Yachts are worth a small fortune, and because of this, it is important you find the most elite, professional, and experienced service to facilitate your yachts transport for you. The transportation process is very complicated, and according to the transportation specialists from CrossChartering.com, is only possible through highly skilled workers and technicians. While some boats can be transported by land, or hitched onto the back of your car, it is best left to the professionals, and you should not even bother. Yacht transportation can be a very easy, relaxing experience when you know your yacht is in safe hands, and any reluctance and hesitance that comes with allowing your yacht to be in the hands of somebody else will quickly fade away when you see how careful and meticulous most yacht transportation companies are. Yacht transportation can cost thousands of dollars – sometimes tens if your yacht is exceptionally large. For smaller vessels, it can cost a few hundred.

Owning a Yacht

Buying a yacht can be very expensive (or cheap, depending on what yacht you buy). There are many different types and sizes of yachts, from humungous to tiny. Owning your first yacht can be done for a budget of around ten thousand dollars – but if you want the largest of the large, it can go well into the tens of millions. The yacht’s come in different sizes and specifications, and there is no one single price for one of these luxurious transport vessels. Owning a yacht can be done by absolutely anyone, providing they have the savings.


the Cost of Owning and Transporting a Sailing Yacht

Mooring your yacht can cost up to two-hundred dollars a month – but can exceed thousands in some places. Mooring is an essential part of yacht ownership, and without a mooring, you will not be able to store your boat anywhere, unless you own a private bay at home. Mooring your yacht is a necessary evil. Some people, in times of hardship, live on their boats on the moorings.


Sailing your yacht is cheap and requires only fuel. The fuel for yachts is not that expensive compared to other parts of the yacht ownership process.

Now, with the help of this page, you understand some of the costs associated with yacht ownership. Owning a yacht is a lot of fun and affords you the freedom you would otherwise never be able to experience. Sail safely and responsibly.