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    Where to find your favourite British Treats

    Nobody is un-counting their lucky starts when travelling or living in Australia, for there are few cons to a lifestyle of endless sun, bbq’s and beaches. This is why so many have escaped the grey shores of Britain, to find the grass is most certainly greener. However, you cannot escape being British and it is not long until one realises it is the smaller treats in life that leaves a void. For everything Australia does amazingly, we are forever grateful. But, Australia just can’t reach the British standard of delicious goodies and this is why so many are reaching out to Treats from Home to provide us with our British snacks.

    Treats from Home offer a vast number of “POMMY” goods, making them the ultimate blessing when British travellers realise that in no realm of existence does a packet of Smiths match up to a packet of Real McCoy’s. And because Treats from Home do online delivery, as well as having 2 stores within Australia, you never have to miss out!

    Treats from Home Shops

    Most fortunately for us, there are 2 stores to choose from, one of which is in Sydney and the other in Melbourne.

    Level 1, Piccadilly Arcade
    (Food court level)
    210 Pitt Street
    Sydney NSW 2000
    Ph: 02 8068 2232

    Level 1, 234 Collins Street
    Melbourne VIC 3000
    Ph: 03 9639 2344
    (Near Dymocks)

    Pick your Preference and Order Online

    What is even more fortunate, if we are not able to reach the Treats from Home stores we can order a bulk shop online. Treats from Home also take orders from the U.K so our friends and families from back home can head online and send you all those treats you have been craving.

    With so many products to choose from, you’ll never have to worry about not being stocked up with your favourite British snacks and will most certainly never have to spread your toast with Vegemite ever again!

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    To Order Your British Treats Head To

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