Which Melbourne Pubs have the Best Sunday Roast and Lunch Plus Live Entertainment?

Which Melbourne Pubs have the Best Sunday Roast and Lunch Plus Live Entertainment

Which Melbourne Pubs have the Best Sunday Roast???

Looking for the Best Sunday Roast and Lunch Plus Live Entertainment in Melbourne pubs? Let’s spill the tea on the hottest pubs in town that serve the most mouthwatering Sunday roasts and lunches, all while keeping you entertained with live performances. There are like a gazillion pubs out there that serve the most amazing Sunday roast menus ever. Make sure to check them out ASAP!

What is the Perfect Sunday Roast?

Turf Sports Bar Melbourne


The British have left their mark in Melbourne and it is not just in the people, it is also in the food. The Sunday roast is evidence of this. The jewel in the English culinary crown, this traditional treat is believed to have been created all the way back in the 15th century and to date it is still fit for royalty.

What’s on the Plate?

This weekly ritual made its way to Australia and everything from the potatoes to the peas to the gravy and the Yorkshire pudding are all found on the plate. Not to forget the star of the dish, the roast in itself. A balanced meal it is with your meat, vegetables and accompaniments all on your plate, prepared to perfection.


When it comes to the Sunday Roast, the Turf Kitchen never disappoints. Serving excellent quality steaks straight off the grill, you will taste the perfection in every bite. Even if you are visiting the place with friends who have some other treat in mind, the Turfbar has a wide variety of options on their menu. Top this with some live entertainment and this is definitely a day well spent.

P.J.O Briens

Now this pub is located at the very heart of Southgate and is without a doubt a favorite not just for the drinks but for the Sunday roasts as well. Entertainment is top notch at this bar so if you want to make this day of yours as happening as it can be this is where you should be going. 

MJ Olner

Now this pub is fit for Thor himself. The Nordic feast that you will be treated with at this pub is royal in every bite and the Viking themed interiors certainly compliment this feel.

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