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    Whitsunday Tours

    The Whitsunday Islands is a collection of 74 continental islands of various sizes off the central coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately 900 kilometres (560 miles) north of Brisbane. It is considered one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Southern Hemisphere and people travel here from all over the world to see the white sands of Whitehaven Beach and the stunning beauty of Heart Reef, and to stay at some of the world's best hotels.

    It’s easy to see why Whitehaven beach is often cited as one of the best beaches in Australia, if not the world; located on Haslewood Island, this 7km stretch of white sand is simply incredible. Being composed of 98% silica, the beach’s pristine white sand is almost powder like in its consistency and doesn’t retain heat, making it delightful to walk on even at the height of summer. Whilst there, be sure to make the trip to Hill Inlet on the Northern edge of the beach, a stunning inlet providing a landscape of beautiful colours and swirling shapes.

    Travelling Australia’s East Coast? Imagine spending part of your festive season exploring the beautiful destination of the Whitsunday Islands! With pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear azure waters and incredible snorkelling opportunities, these idyllic islands offer a slice of paradise.

    Snorkelling on The Whitsundays

    A must do activity whilst visiting the Whitsunday Island’s is of course, snorkeling. With an abundance of marine life found no where else on earth, you’d be a fool not to take a dip below the surface and marvel at the kaleidoscope of coral and fish in their natural habitat.

    Explore Uninhabited Islands

    During your time in the Whitsunday Islands you can also explore the many uninhabited islands as you step off your vessel on to the white sound, only to be almost deafened by the silence of being a million miles away from it all. Whilst exploring the island’s you’ll really feel like a cast away, where you live out your desert island fantasies.

    Best Ways To Get Too And From The Whitsundays

    The Whitsundays has become such a popular tourist destination that people from all over the world travel just to see its incredible beauty. Amongst these tourists are backpackers who are on a working holiday in Australia and who are ready to enjoy the wanders of the Whitsundays. Many turn to tour companies like Ocean Rafting to so that they can get the best that this place has to offer. Most certainly for the backpackers though, there is an adventure before the Whitsundays adventure, which is how you get there. 

    Featured Whitsunday Tours


    The Ocean Rafting

    Ocean Rafting is currently leading the way in which travellers are experiencing the Whitsunday Islands. This is a pocket of tropical heaven that is located north of Queensland, Australia. Travelling explorers have been flooding towards Airlie Beach hoping to get in on the action. Ocean Rafting enable the ultimate Whitsundays adventure with a convoy of vessels, taking you on exhilarating tours and charter trips with incredible inclusive packages, all tailored to ensure the greatest Whitsundays experience.

    Address: 106, Cannonvale, QLD, 4802, Australia.

    Phone: +61 7 4946 6848

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    Red Cat adventures

    Red Cat Adventures

    Red Cat Adventures is a charter boat company providing unrivalled tours and trips around the Whitsunday Islands. As a local Family business, Red Cat Adventures are passionate about providing a service which focuses on absolute quality by tailoring tours to match the desires of their travelling customers.

    ddress: Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802, Australia.

    Phone: 07 4946 6848

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