Why a Cruise is the Perfect All Year Round Holiday Choice

Why a Cruise is the Perfect All Year Round Holiday Choice

When planning and booking the perfect holiday, everyone has their own preference; whether you are a fan of the icy climates or a true sun-worshipper. The natural world has so much to offer and can cater to all kinds of interests and passions. Whatever your desired destination may be, we explore what the world of cruising holds throughout the seasons.


If you are looking to swap the chillier winter months for some much-needed sunshine, a cruise can set sail to places where the sun is still shining. Warmer temperatures can be found on the other side of the world, such as the Caribbean, where temperatures in December are set to reach 28 degrees centigrade and with average lows at 23 degrees you are set for warmth. One of the most beneficial elements of a cruise is the ability to explore multiple locations and islands, where even the time spent travelling will be in luxury. At this time of year it is common to see holidaymakers travel across the world and with long travelling times, why not swap the hours of restricted legroom for a luxury cruise liner experience? Every port of call will deliver glorious beaches, rich heritage and unique culture, the Caribbean Island are a must to be experienced.


After embracing the cold winter, many might choose to book their vacations in the springtime. The holiday season will soon be picking up so during this time you can still expect a quieter setting and enjoy cheaper prices. The islands of the Indian Ocean will remain hot at this time of year, so why not cruise around the many picturesque islands to see what they have to offer? If you are looking to dedicate time to sightseeing you will be grateful for the warmer temperatures, fewer people and lower ticket prices.


The summer months are set to be the most popular time of year for families and so prices are also set to be at their peak. Many tourists, especially families, still have a preference to travel in the summer months. This time of year, cruising destinations are mainly focused on the islands and coastlines on the Meditteranean and Baltic seas. The Baltic will offer pleasant temperatures of around 18 degrees centigrade, optimal for potential excursion stops offs in surrounding countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Estonia. 


Holidays in the autumn months enable you to enjoy what the summer has to offer in the UK and then continue that holiday feeling into September and October. Heading over to the tropical islands of Hawaii and cruising around South America will not disappoint, with glorious beaches and scorching heat. It is worth bearing in mind that the weather can be temperamental at this time of year, but the occasional thunderstorm will certainly add to the experience!

In summary, whatever time of year you are looking at, cruises can provide the very best of what the natural world has to offer. Taking the time to research the variety of cruises on offer could help you to discover natural beauties that you never knew existed!

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David Smith is The Cruise Line’s Marketing Director and responsible for coordinating the company’s marketing strategy across all channels. He has over 10 years’ travel marketing experience and cruised with Regent Seven Seas, Hurtigruten and Star Clippers. For more information regarding The Cruise Line, please visit www.cruiseline.co.uk