Why Pursuing a Nursing Career in Australia Is a Great Idea

Why Pursuing a Nursing Career in Australia Is a Great Idea

The demand for nursing jobs in Australia is growing and will continue this trend in the years to come. The Land Down Under seems to be eager to take on new health workers, and people both in Australia and abroad are pouring in. More and more folks from across the globe seem to be eagerly searching the web to figure out everything they need in order to apply for a nursing job. However, is a career in nursing worth it?

Well, if you’ve asked yourself that particular career-related question, you’re in luck. In this article, we go over why you should give nursing in Australia a try. Hopefully, the article will show you why so many people are eager to work in this particular field and why the demand for nurses in Australia continues to be high. 

Job Security

One of the most appealing aspects of nursing is the fact that you can land a job relatively quickly after acquiring your degree (no matter if you’re aiming to be a registered or an enrolled nurse). In 2017, around 80.1% of nursing undergraduates found work soon after graduating. That’s a higher percentage than undergraduates in quite a few different fields. And with the economies of the world suffering due to the COVID-19 crisis, getting a job that quickly is always a bonus. 

Flexibility and Overtime

Working as a nurse comes with a surprising amount of flexibility. For example, you can work regular 9-to-5 shifts if you choose to. However, you can also pack several 12-hour shifts at the beginning of the week and spend the rest of it off. In addition, you can also choose which shift works for you best. Some nurses perform better in the morning, others at night. Considering how demanding nursing can be as a profession sometimes, this amount of flexible hours is perfect.

Another crucial aspect that makes nursing so appealing is your overtime work options. If you want, you can take a few extra hours each day and the bonus will be reflected in your wages. Furthermore, you also earn additional money when working on bank holidays and weekends. Of course, the work can be quite grueling even with regular shifts, so we advise not working overtime too much.

Salary Rates

Interestingly, the average nurse salary in Australia is higher than in some other developed countries in the West, such as Germany or the UK. Entry-level nurses can earn a little over AU$30 an hour. On the other hand, experienced nurses regularly earn close to AU$40. Broadly speaking, the average yearly earnings of an Australian nurse amount to AU$64,000. That is by no means a small figure, though the numbers will fluctuate depending on a few factors:

  • The type of nurse you are (registered, enrolled, director of nursing, executive director, midwife, etc.)
  • State or city you work in
  • Your level of experience
  • The facility you’re employed at

Variety of Experiences

Nursing is not as uniform as you might think. In fact, even as a regular nurse, you can expect to have a different experience every single day. For instance, on Monday you might be taking a patient’s temperature and not do much work, while on Tuesday there could be a traffic accident and you’d be on your toes helping the doctors save lives. It’s a dynamic environment that is constantly evolving, both regarding the tech, the advances in medical science, and your own colleagues in the field.

But you might not even stay in the same environment as a nurse. For instance, you can transfer and work in a school, or even as an emergency flight nurse. Some workers end up on cruise ships, while others get promoted and lead their own nursing teams. Every single day will be different and it will keep you on your toes. 

International Employment Opportunities

Australia’s demand for nurses is so high that the country eagerly employs people from overseas. As a potential nurse, you can come to the country via a specific type of visa that allows you to stay for a limited period of time. Of course, you would need to have prior working experience and the proper credentials to apply for a position. But once you have the visa, you will be working as early as within the first month of your stay in the country. 

Career Growth

While in Australia, you can work as an enrolled nurse, but that isn’t where your career opportunities end. In fact, that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. If you manage to obtain a Bachelor in Nursing, you will be able to progress and become a registered nurse. Within a year or so, you could be heading your own team of enrolled nurses. The position will require extra effort, but it will be reflected in your salary.

And indeed, the career growth doesn’t stop with registered nurses. If you earn a postgraduate nursing degree and get enough recommendations from peers, you can progress even further. You might become a consultant or an advanced nursing practitioner. That title will provide you with monthly earnings of over AU$160,000. Directors and executive directors of nursing earn even more than that. 

Personal Satisfaction

Of course, by far the best aspect of nursing is what you get out of a job well done. Yes, doctors and other medical experts save lives daily, but nurses are a huge part of these efforts. As a nurse, you will be spending every working day with a patient, helping them get better and trying to save their lives when necessary. Satisfied patients are just as thankful to good nurses as they are to doctors. After all, it was your hard work that kept them motivated to get better. 

In addition to seeing your patients happy, you will also gain a new level of respect from your peers and friends. Being a nurse is, by all standards, a noble profession, and with that job title, you will be getting praise from many different people you come across. 

Nursing Careers in Australia: Final Thoughts

With 2021 slowly coming to a close, Australia is still in need of professional medical staff. So, if you feel eager to help those in need and want a job that does that AND pays well, pursuing a nursing career in Australia is a terrific idea.