Why Tennis Is The Best Recreational Sport For Current Times

Why Tennis Is The Best Recreational Sport For Current Times

Despite most of the world opening up on the back of the COVID-19 outbreak becoming the worst pandemic we’ve ever known, things are still uncertain, even with vaccines being distributed worldwide. Fortunately for sports fans, arenas and stadiums have been allowing them back in.

For persons looking to play sports, it might still be a worry as all sports need more than one person – otherwise, it would just be practice. There are lots of sports that are likely to scare folks away, with disciplines such as soccer and basketball requiring plenty of contact to make sense.

As mentioned above, things have been much better on such a front lately as just a few months ago, fans had no choice but to watch on from home. Of course, there were other ways of interacting and sports betting was one of the most visited avenues. For newbie bettors looking to get in on the punting game, lucky99 is a reliable sportsbook and a review wouldn’t go amiss.

As things stand, most recreational sports do not promote the type of safety everyone needs nowadays and the ones mentioned above present a certain no-no. Tennis, though, stands tall in that regard as social distancing has been a requirement way before the coronavirus became a thing.

The United States Tennis Association greenlit tennis pretty early last year when the threat was at its peak.

“Our sport is conducive to social distancing,” CEO and executive director Michael Dowse told USA TODAY. “Health and safety is paramount and tennis comes second, but once that first box is checked and it’s deemed safe, it’s the perfect sport for all of us to participate in coming out of this pandemic.”

Dowse’s job is to promote tennis so he would have always been a proponent but he does make lots of sense. Tennis is a non-contact sport and is mostly played outdoors, with players at least 60 feet part in singles competition. However, the USTA still published guidelines to make the sport safer than it would be normally. Apart from the general regulations such as washing hands and sanitizing, the association had other suggestions. They can be seen below and are still pretty relevant despite being well over a year removed.

– No post-match handshakes or high fives

– Don’t change ends of the court during a match 

– Use a new racquet grip every time you play 

– Wipe down and disinfect racquets and all equipment after use

Of course, regulations are much looser nowadays, but the virus is still a threat and, if you’re keen on a safe sport, tennis is the go-to.

Using more balls than one would typically use was a recommendation back then. There was no evidence of a tennis ball being able to transmit the virus but it’s definitely possible, which is why it was suggested that folks use four or six balls instead of just three. Using more balls means servers only touch balls from their own tins but, should your ball end up on the other side of your net, it could be scooped up with a racket or kicked over.

“We always want to err on the side of being overly cautious, so as much as we can put in to make it safer, each player having their own can of balls makes a ton of sense,” Dowse explained.

“Ultimately, it’s up to each individuals’ decision-making whether it’s proper to come back in the communities they live in. But if the local guidelines have approved outdoor recreation, go for it. Tennis is the perfect sport to start playing in this phase. It’s social, it’s physical and it’s intellectual and that’s what we’re starved for.”

“Staying physically active is important for your overall health and wellness,” Lakeshoresf.com claims. “Tennis is a great activity for people of all ages. It’s truly the sport of a lifetime. Players young and old can benefit physically and mentally from the exercise involved, just as long as physical distancing can be maintained and other safety recommendations are followed. Tennis is an excellent cardiovascular activity that can improve heart health and burn calories. Most importantly, it is a great deal of fun!

“Aside from the health benefits of playing, tennis can also be a social sport.”

The most difficult part about taking tennis up as a sport would have been finding a court but it’s way easier now as most facilities offering courts are back open. 

It was pretty hard staying active during the height of the pandemic. Tennis was able to provide an avenue to get that cardio in while eliminating boredom, for at least a few hours.

“When tennis is played in a safe way it can provide all of that,” Dowse remarked. “People are hungry and starved for that – not just current players but new people to the sport as well.”