Why You Need a Quality Bong

Why You Need a Quality Bong

Are you new to the world of marijuana? Do you wonder how it feels to use a bong for getting high? Invariably, it’s easy for first-time cannabis users to pick any bong off the shop shelves or online. That said, the quality of your device will have a major impact on your overall smoking experience. So, in the following guide, we explore some of the reasons why investing in a high-quality bong or water pipe is bound to elevate your marijuana experience.


Let’s face it, owning and using a high-quality bong is both sexy and stylish. They’re a surefire way to spark interesting conversations with your smoking buddies and pass around the ganja. That’s because bongs are a hallmark of the stoner culture across cultures. Once you take your first hit from a well-made and nicely designed bong, you’ll never want to go back to rolling spliffs and joints!


You can’t beat the precise craftsmanship of a quality bong. These are made by professional glassblowers who understand the process of how to produce strong, durable, and stylish devices. With some research, you’ll find an online bong store where you can go through dozens and models and choose the one that best fits your habits and preferences. Remember to compare different providers before conducting a purchase!


The quality bong comes in all sorts of materials, sizes, shapes, and even features. For someone with no prior experience, it can be quite challenging to find a suitable one. That said, some online research or a visit to your local smoke shop can get you familiar with the different kinds and which one will be best for your habits and needs.


Naturally, high-quality bongs are far more enduring than cheap and entry-level ones. That’s because they use a special kind of material known as borosilicate glass, which offers great durability and heat resistance. With one of those, you won’t have to worry about it breaking due to an accidental fall or because of high temperatures.

Enhanced Smoking Experience

Generally speaking, bongs are super convenient tools for cannabis smokers because they allow you to dose your stuff with ultimate precision. This allows for a smooth, even smoke throughout. With a high-quality bong, you can rest assured that you’ll have complete control over the dosage and smoking method.

Resale Value

Regular bongs are good to be thrown out once you don’t need them any longer. In contrast, a quality bong is like an investment that you can hope to resell later on. Depending on its initial price, design, features, and rarity, you can expect to make a nice profit out of it!

Bongs are a convenient way to enjoy the pleasures of smoking weed safely and responsibly. Of course, not all models were created equally; various materials, shapes, sizes, countless designs, etc. Ultimately, this will all determine your ability to get high. While they can cost anywhere between $15 to $1,000, we suggest you invest in a high-quality bong that costs no less than $80-100 for the best possible experience. Don’t hesitate to seek advice for the selection process online or at your local smoke shop.