Why You Need To Visit Geraldton

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Step outside of Perth for the day and explore the capital of Western Australia’s Mid-West region – Geraldton!

Also known as ‘Gero’ to the locals, Geraldton is bursting at the seams with history and is just waiting to be explored. And for those of you craving active sports, there’s plenty of watersports activities and fishing hotspots.

Things To Do In Geraldton, WA

Windsurfing is a favourite amongst the locals and many of the visitors to Geraldton. The strong breezes and captivating beaches make it a great place for you to get involved with the adrenaline-fuelled water activities.

If you head to Coronation Beach, known as one of the world’s best windsurfing locations then you might even be lucky enough to witness one of the many crazy windsurfing competitions on every year.

For those of you who still love the water (but would rather keep dry!) then why not come to Geraldton to spend the day relaxing by the marina and doing a spot of fishing. The local waters of Geraldton boast mulloway, flathead, bream, tailor and even herrings – but the marina is also a good place to cool down from the scorching weather.

There are also plenty of fishing charters for you to try at Geraldton, and you could head out around the Abrolhos Islands to see the insane marine life that surrounds the 122 islands.

To finish off your day at Geraldton, why not discover its history? There’s plenty of it to see, and whilst you’re here you have to visit the famous memorial at Gero’ that honours the Australian sailors who were lost at sea in the battle with a German raider during World War 2.
But if you’re looking for something a bit different then perhaps take the Geraldton Air Charter to see the area from above and witness the spectacular sight of the Abrolhos Islands shipwreck. With both full day and half day tours and overflying scenic tours available, you have plenty of time to see this incredible sight with a bird’s eye-view.

Just don’t forget your camera – the photo opportunities are endless…

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