Wide Open Space Festival 2020 – The Ultimate Outback Festival

Wide Open Space Festival 2020 Australia

Wide Open Space Festival 2020

Wide Open Space isn’t like most festivals, which explains why people travel from so far afield to get to the MacDonnell Ranges in Australia’s Red Centre. The three-day event will run from Friday 1st May to Sunday 3rd May and is located a scenic hour’s drive from Ayers Rock at Ross River Resort providing a chance to celebrate art, music and creativity amidst some of the most stunning landscape that Central Australia has to offer. 

Once you’re there you can indulge in a broad range of acts on offer across three stages in a heavily curated line-up that focuses on up and coming Australian artists, DJs and bands. From folk to live hip hop, poolside disco to Indigenous reggae and even late-night dancefloors. You can also take in cabaret and burlesque performances or even circus and aerials as well as take part in dress-up. If you want to stimulate your mind then join a forum or a workshop that covers dance, culture, sustainability and politics. You can even hang out with the Arrernte people who are the traditional owners and custodians of the land which hosts the event.

Check out Wide Open Space 2018 in this awesome video

If you want to get away you can stroll past the dancefloor and head out to the mountain range itself. At night you can turn to the party below and up to gaze at the Milky Way. This is to place to enjoy beats under the stars and the incomparable vibe that the event generates. Their management policy even states, “DON’T BE A DICKHEAD”.

Wide Open Circle at WOS2018 

There are no franchises and the event is run by an independent team of locals who provide an honest and real Central Desert experience. Those individuals have seen the festival grow from their own party to a few hundred in 2009 to a few thousand in 2018, get yourself down for the 2020 edition.


Wide Open Wander at WOS2018