Wildlife Travel Deals With Real Gap Experience

wildlife travel deals

Want to do something WILD this year? Make sure you check out these incredible wildlife trips with up to 25% off in the Real Gap Experience SALE!

With over 160 different trips on offer, they have something for everyone! Whether you want to save sea turtles in Costa Rica, witness an Orangutan in its natural environment, monitor Great White Sharks in South Africa, or take part in marine conservation in Fiji, they’ve got it!

Check out these top five trips below…

Thailand Elephant and Community Volunteers

If you’ve ever wanted to get up close to elephants, then this is the trip for you! Become part of a Thai community as you embrace new cultures, cuisines and get up close to these gentle giants. Working closely with the Mahouts you’ll have the opportunity to bathe and feed the elephants.

Trip: www.realgap.co.uk/thailand-community-and-elephant-volunteers

wildlife travel deals

Namibia Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteers

On this trip you can take resident baboons and caracals for walks and get up close to wildlife including cheetahs, leopards and meerkats. Set in the middle of a private reserve you’ll be surrounded by stunning views of mountain ranges and the rugged Savannah.

Trip: www.realgap.co.uk/namibia-wildlife-sanctuary-volunteers

Costa Rica Sea Turtle Conservation

There’s nothing better than releasing baby turtles back into the sea, trust us! On this project you’ll play an important role as you construct hatcheries, collect eggs, search for turtle markings and collect data. Plus in your spare time enjoy the incredible beaches!

Trip: www.realgap.co.uk/costa-rica-sea-turtle-conservation

wildlife travel deals

South Africa Big Five

Tick the Big Five off your bucket list as you go behind the scenes on a real South African Game Reserve. As a volunteer you’ll be helping with lots of different activities, including game monitoring and caring for animals in the sanctuary. Make sure you take your camera, this is an incredible experience!

Trip: www.realgap.co.uk/south-africa-big-5-wildlife-and-community

Australia Wildlife Sanctuary, Kangaroo Island

Head Down Under to help conserve one of Australia’s wildlife hotspots – Kangaroo Island. Roll your sleeves up and get involved as you take part in conservation work and spot wildlife such as koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, possums and much more!

Trip: www.realgap.co.uk/australia-wildlife-sanctuary-volunteers-kangaroo-island

wildlife travel deals

For more information visit www.realgap.co.uk/January-Sale or alternatively call their friendly sales team on 01273 647220.