The Best Melbourne Wine Bars

The wine bar culture of Europe has taken hold in Melbourne, Australia’s second largest
city. These wine bars are a cross between a restaurant and a wine bar, unlike wine
bars in London which are just that and often only serve finger food, eat less drink
more being the culture.

Most of the wine bars are located in the CBD for that busy executive who wants to
relax after a day at the office, or a housewife out shopping and then meeting up with a
girlfriend. Melbourne wine bars are for the more discerning sophisticated person, who
does not want to spend his or her time in a bar guzzling beer.

The atmosphere in Melbourne wine bars is gentle, with soft music, allowing the
customer to have a quiet read, eat a meal or simply have a conversation with a friend.

Most wine bars are the preferred option for women who want to get together in a gentile
environment and have a little natter.

Most of the Melbourne wine bars are located in the CBD, with one or two near Crown
plaza. There are also a few in Collingwood, Carlton and Fitzroy.

Further out of town, you can find Melbourne wine bars dotted around in St. Kilda, Port
Melbourne and the fashionable suburb of Richmond.

If wine bars are your thing, then Melbourne bars have plenty to offer
whether you are a Victorian, or a tourist just enjoying a visit.



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