Wolf Alice ‘Blush’ EP Review

Wolf Alice Blush EP Review

The Indie-Rock four-piece follow up their sweet, jangly guitar single ‘Bros’ and the heavier, release ‘Fluffy’ with their first EP which beholds a certain reminiscence for a 90s sound.

The title track opens as the first of four tracks, a soothing and emotive number, which installs thought with its lyrics. A light chink of a symbol and hauntingly beautiful guitar drive through the verses, it’s smooth simplicity having a stirring effect. The opener ends with singer Ellie Rowsell softly asking “Are you happy now?” leaving a chill and an atmosphere of sorrow and lost love.

‘She’ alters the mood, adopting teenage angst, a fast and funky guitar riff and a spot of kit bashing in the first half. The middle of the song sees a pivotal change; the guitar is plucked slowly as Rowsell lulls us with her sweet voice, before propelling back into rebellious noise.

The penultimate track ‘Nose Dive’ takes a cheerier and Poppier tone. It’s the kind of upbeat tune you blast in contended happiness as you dive into a new relationship. “I don’t care if this takes us nowhere, I won’t and you won’t, and we won’t ask why…” sings Ellie, describing a care-free relationship in bubbly tones.

’90 Mile Beach’, the closing track hits the moody and atmospheric again before the EP closes in a mash of grungy and great nostalgic 90s noise.

‘Blush’ covers a range of emotions like an erratic and hormonal teenager; from heartache, anger and moodiness, to excitement and fun.


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