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Paul Woolford

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Paul WoolfordHey Paul. How’s things and where are you?
Hello there, things are good, I’m at home with a cup of tea feeling very relaxed.

You’re about to release your first solo mix album under Renaissance’s Platform series. Can you tell us a little about it?
I always feel that compilations should show as much as they can about the person that curates them. You need to put as much of your personality into the project as you can if you want it to connect with people, and furthermore, stand the test of time.

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You’ve not chosen an easy project – you’ve remixed 41 tracks. How did you go about choosing them? How long did it take to remix them?
Not quite. What I’ve done is to use the component parts of many of the tracks which many of the producers themselves were kind enough to send me, and then my own re-edits of various tracks to construct the mix from the ground up. It was definitely a lot of work, although this was constantly offset by the amount of pleasure I took from it, so it didn’t really feel like work.

Do you get to see any of the countries you perform at?
I try and see as much as I can where time allows. This is one of things that can actually be frustrating, because you have to make some kind of sacrifice.

What’s the plan for the Australia tour? Have you been out here before?
Yes I’ve been twice before and had some great times, although on both occasions had some puzzled reactions to my music in some locations. I’ve always enjoyed Sydney & Brisbane, so looking forward to being back in those locations, and also I’ve not been to Hobart before so a trip to Tasmania should be interesting.

If this were a rock or pop album, that would basically be your year set up – promoting the album and touring it. It works differently for a DJ though doesn’t it?
Well it used to work differently, but these days the way that companies like Renaissance work is that you have to tour the album to make it a commercially viable product. Downloading has destroyed the music business, so you tour the album and split some of the tour revenue with the record company. It’s now closer than ever to how the rock industry operates.

Are there any countries you’ve played whereyour music didn’t translate so well?
Well by coincidence Australia! We are talking about a good few years ago (2005) – the first tour I did, most of the dates were pretty disastrous. Although I think I was booked in many of the wrong clubs, so it was a shame. It’s very rarely that this happens these days. I think it’s very easy for people that don’t properly investigate the artists they book to assume the wrong things…I was lucky to get out of some venues alive! But you live and learn. Sometimes you need to give people what they don’t think they need to show them there are other ways, and of course this is risky, but there will always be somebody that you connect with.

You also own a record label, Intamacy. How involved with that are you?
I’m as involved as you can be. I produce much of the output, A&R everything, decide the artwork and then I have Greg Firth that is my right hand man who handles the label management, so basically all the finer points in the process.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Do you follow the Dj trail to Ibiza?
I’m touring the album constantly throughout the year and this overlaps into summer, where my residency at WeLove Space in Ibiza starts in June. Each summer I play between 10 and 16 dates for them on Sundays, in addition to the usual weekend plans, so the summers are pretty gruelling, but I’m certainly not complaining.

Paul Woolford performs at the following venues:
1 April 2010: Syrup, Hobart
2 April 2010: AGWA Yacht Club, Sydney
3 April 2010: New Guernica, Melbourne
4 April 2010: Barsoma, Brisbane

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