Working Holiday Healthcare Jobs In Sydney Australia

Working Holiday Healthcare Jobs In Sydney Australia

Find your feet in Australia with Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Packages. Are you a nurse or healthcare worker seeking an Australian adventure and looking for a one-stop support network that can help you along the way? With everything from accommodation, rights to work administration, employment and guidance on all the ‘hot’ Aussie travel destinations, Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Package concierge service is the network for you. 

Perfectly designed to help Nurses and Healthcare Professionals get the most out of their Australian adventure!  With the rapidly ageing population of Australia, the demand for nurses is rapidly growing, thus creating more and more job opportunities for those who have made nursing as their career. Experts in the Australian government have predicted that healthcare will see a boom in the immediate future and that there will be an acute shortage of nurses by 2030.  

Registering as a nurse in Australia

To work as a nurse in Australia, you need to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).   You are required to send your application and supporting documents for registration to the AHPRA office in the state or territory where you plan to live and work.  

Finding a job

Once you are confident that you can obtain your nursing registration and that you are eligible for a visa, start applying for jobs.  As the visa requirement and application procedures can be complex, consider approaching a reputed employment agency.


The cost of the Working Holiday Package varies depending on your personalised package. We tailor packages based on your budget so your first step should be to get in touch with our team for a chat about your trip.

The importance of Health care workers

The aim is to support you with an introduction to Australia so you arrive safely in the knowledge that you have accommodation and transfers. From there it’s all about setting you up with work to enable you to develop new skills for your career, and of course, fund your Australian adventures! People still get sick around the holidays, and so when everyone else is lighting candles, crowding around trees, and opening gifts, hospitals are fully staffed with doctors, nurses, and of course patients.

It can be hard not being home for the holidays, but with everyone pulling together to get through, medical staff members make the best of their situations while providing care for their sick patients. One of the things that medical professionals do to keep a positive attitude is to enjoy the season for what it is – a time to be generous and spend time with friends and colleagues.

Getting sick anytime

Although the doctors and nurses do their best to keep morale high, the fact of the matter is, illness does not observe holidays, and it can be tough working when everyone else is on vacation. In some instances, patients have no other choice but to be in the hospital over a holiday. 

But these patients are the most appreciative of the efforts that their doctors and nurses are making. Although it can be hard for the families and friends of health professionals, working around the holidays can really shed some light on what is really important.

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