Wyrd Visions’ ‘Half Eaten Guitar’ Sees Re-release

Album Art To Half Eaten Guitar Wyrd Visions

Founded back in 2005, the Toronto based experimental guitar and vocal music project, Wyrd Visions, sees its beautiful album ‘Half Eaten Guitar’ re-released, for fear a creative masterpiece could be lost.

Colin Bergh takes control of Wyrd Visions as a musical mastermind, working with varied others including members of Indie band Grizzly bear.

Bergh began having played previously in a band named Awesome. With Awesome he braved solo sets of the beginnings of his independent work, however only from beneath the barrier of a curtain. Being to shy to perform to an audience at first, he remained under wraps. It is from there the handsome ‘Half Eaten Guitar’ grew, as Blue Fog Recordings heard its bashful and timid beginnings, and offered to release the track.

Released back in Spring 2006, it seems Wyrd Visions soothing ‘Half Eaten Guitar’ has almost been forgotten. Buy eight years later in 2014 it sees a re-release.

The first track off the album, ‘Sigiil,’ is a soothing eleven minute loop of guitar strums and plucks, with other-worldly soft vocals. Building to added percussion and layers of guitar work, the track drives like a calming dream.

Check it out for yourself: