3 Top Causes of Fires

3 Top Causes of Fires

Fires are one of the most devastating events that can happen to anyone. They can lead to serious property damage, injury, and even death. However, fires are not always easily preventable. Sometimes they can happen when we least expect them, and result in serious complications.  From failing transformers resulting in entire blocks losing power, to nature suffering consequently, fires are never a good thing. However, if you take the right proactive measures, you can prevent them and lower your risk of disaster. The first step is knowing what the Top Causes of Fires are, and taking the right steps to prevent them. Here are some of the most common causes of fires, and how to avoid them.

Cooking Fires

Despite the kitchen being associated with joyous gatherings and delicious meals, in many cases, the kitchen can also be a place of danger. Even the slightest splash of oil can result in a serious kitchen fire, and escalate into a full-fledged house fire. Grease fires in particular are known for spreading extremely quickly and causing extensive damage.

To prevent cooking fires, you should always stay present when cooking, particularly if you’re using a gas stove, and keep flammable items away from any hue sources. Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen, and you’ll significantly reduce your chance of a dangerous fire.

Electrical Fires

In many circumstances, the cause of fire comes from electrical systems that were either overloaded or have damaged wiring. Unfortunately, these can be extremely dangerous, since it’s difficult to detect them until they’ve already spread. This is why it’s critical that you regularly inspect your electrical systems, whether it be at home or in your place of employment. 

Use surge protectors, and always replace cords if there are any wires sticking out. Perhaps most important is always using a licensed electrician to do any repair work.  Attempting to fix things yourself without proper training can lead to severe consequences.

Heating Equipment Fires

We get it—winters are cold, and the only way to stay warm is by using heat sources like fire space heaters and furnaces. However, if you keep something flammable next to one of these heat sources, it can lead to major problems. Beyond fire itself, these heating sources can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is why it’s important that you ensure proper ventilation. Above all, make sure that you’re aware of anything that is surrounding your heat sources, and never leave them unattended. You’re practically begging for a fire if you leave wood-burning stoves or fireplaces on when you’re not present.

A little bit of foresight goes a long way in life, especially when it comes to preventing fires. Be careful, stay alert, and take the right precautions and you’ll ensure your chances of staying safe!