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ACT Travel Guide

Tours and Travel Australian Capital Territory

Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT) is an inland island; a sub-division within the state of NSW. It came into existence essentially because of a scrap between the rival big city boys, Melbourne and Sydney. When Australia became a federation in 1901 both wanted to be the capital of the newly unified nation and no amount of rows could resolve the issue. Eventually, it was decided that neither would get the captain’s armband and an entirely new city should be built in the middle of the two.

Instead of building by the seaside, like you’d expect, a barren block of inner bushland which steams in summer and shivers in winter was chosen. The founding fathers of the proud newborn country then hired an American to design their capital city, Walter Burley Griffin. In a refreshingly open-minded gesture for the time, the city was named after the local Aboriginal word for ‘meeting place’. Thus Canberra and the ACT were added to the map and all politicians were banished there for evermore.

Canberra is often mocked, but the attractive city offers a wealth of cultural and historical information about the country as well as the unique houses of parliament, and should not be missed. The ACT provides fantastically remote bushwalks, some excellent biking and hiking country and many quality kayaking and swimming spots. The silky ski fields might all be in NSW, but Canberra is far closer to them than Sydney is.

Also, by a quirk of federal law, it is the only place in Australia that you can buy hardcore pornography legally, and has very relaxed laws on the possession of cannabis – two facts which may, or may not, be related to politicians having to spend all those long lonely nights here.

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ACT at a GlanceBasics: Phone code – 02. Time Zone – EST

Climate: Summer: Dec-Feb, Autumn: Mar-May, Winter: Jun-Aug, Spring: Sept – Nov. Average maximum summer temperature 27°C; average winter temperature 7°C.

Booze: Common tap beers are Tooheys, Carlton and VB. The standard measure is a schooner.

Pubs, clubs and bars: A big student scene in Canberra means pubs and clubs are full of bouncing young ‘uns during term time, but quiet over summer.

Sport: As per NSW rugby league is the sport of choice, with the Canberra Raiders being the ACT’s premier team. Sporting facilities are excellent.

Moving and Shaking

Driving around Canberra is a breeze, as long as you don’t mind doing long gentle loops. Conditions are perfect for cycling with bike tracks running all over the place. Otherwise get on a bus. Valley Tours offer an array of options so check out or call (08) 9299 6249. See discount on page 3.

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Around the ACT

Just 80km long by 30km wide, the ACT still has some great parks and bush areas full of emus, wallabies, ‘roos, koalas, and, for the lucky, the odd platypus. Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, Ginninderra Falls, Kambah Pool, Cotter Dam and Gibraltar Falls are all spectacular. Namadgi National Park has some serious bush and there are several freshwater swimming spots around the outskirts of the city for some respite from the summer heat such as, Casuarina Sands (just downstream from the junction of the Cotter) and Murrumbidgee Rivers. Campsites are common, some with barbeques. Cycling is an excellent way to get around and Corrin Forrest has a small but cool skiing operation going on.


Fire/Police/Ambulance: Dial 000
Canberra Hospital: (02) 6244 2222
Poisons Information: 131 126

Don’t Leave ACT Until You’ve..

• Taken advantage of the nearby NSW snow slopes.
• Wised yourself up in the various museums.
• Walked over Parliament House and ducked inside.
• Popped in and said “Nangga,” or hello,
at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy.
• Gone bush and checked out the walking and wildlife around Namadgi and Tidbinbilla.
• Hired a bike and hooned around Lake Burley Griffin.

Working in ACT

The ACT isn’t really a hot spot for working-holiday-makers. Most clerical stuff is Governmental, which requires you to be a citizen, and the locals account for most of the trades and service jobs. For nearby fruit picking, work see the NSW section, or you could always try getting a gig in a porn shop.

ACT Embassies

The British High Commission, ACT:
(02) 6270 6666

Irish Embassy, ACT:
Tel: (02) 6273 3022, or (02) 6273 3201

New Zealand High Commission, ACT:
(02) 6270 4211

U.S. Embassy, ACT:
(02) 6214 5600

Canadian High Commission, ACT:
(02) 6270 4000

Netherlands Embassy, ACT:
(02) 6220 9400

German Embassy, ACT:

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