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    With a world of adventure around us, travel has become part of our lives in a way like never before. A hunger for culture and new experiences is driving our passions and the ways we work and where we live are part of our life goals to see as much as possible and make memories that will last a lifetime.

    Our team stretch from Sydney to London and beyond. Like our readers, we’re passionate about what we do. Our content producers and marketing team are committed to finding the most relevant and natural ways for brands and businesses alike to connect with an audience who are not only engaged, but actively seeking the latest trend, product, tour, event or website with a disposable income.

    What Media launched in Sydney back in 2000 with the popular backpacker weekly British Balls Magazine. Since then we have developed a unique publishing and marketing agency with a focus on international travellers and professional migrants. In 2016 we launched a content and marketing support service to a number of domestic Australian and U.K. based tour operators, relocation businesses and an exclusive youth focused content partnership with music tour taste makers, Beats Travel.

    For more information or to discuss a campaign contact our team on

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    Remote and freelancer writers, sales, video editors, social media managers, digital marketers.

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