Compare the best international shipping companies

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Shipping your belongings can make you just as anxious as flying yourself half way around the world! There’s no need to fret; from bags to boxes, cars to dogs these shipping companies will take all your worldly possessions to your new home Down Under.

Compare the best international shipping companies

UK to Australia and reverse

Uni Baggage

Uni Baggage are Experts at Shipping Luggage around the World. They make worldwide luggage delivery convenient for Students, Businesses, Holidaymakers, the Forces and Seasonaires.

They will arrange a collection of your excess baggage and deliver your belongings anywhere in the world with full online tracking, from Australia to UK or France to USA. 


If you’ve got too many bags to fi t into the hold (which is highly likely if travelling for months on end) you can ship them to Australia with SendMyBag. The simple process simply asks where you’re travelling from and to, and the weight of your bags. When shipping bags from the UK to Australia, anything below 15kg is £118, and anything between 15kg and 30kg is £161, but this depends on how regional or central your locations are.

PSS International Removals

Pack up your house and move all your belongings to Australia with PSS International Removals. The professionals in home removals, these guys make it much easier to move overseas and bring all your belongings with you. If you know everything you’ll be taking – grand pianos and all – you can fill out a form to receive a quote, which lists every type of room you could have and every piece of furniture or belongings you could have in it.

Seven Seas World Wide Shipping

Taking your belongings to Oz? Seven Seas World  Wide can do that for you. Using a MoveCube in varied sizes, you can move furniture or personal items such as a guitar, TV or clothes box, whether you’re a student, young professional or family of four. Get a quote straight away online that will depend on your needs and circumstances. BBM readers also receive 5% OFF any shipment – follow the link below to make an enquiry

John Mason International

John Mason International has been providing overseas removal, storage and shipping since 1884. John Mason International only handle international shipments which means that you can be safe in the knowledge that your move is being handled by overseas removals experts. Every year they ship household effects and furniture for thousands of people from the UK to destinations worldwide.

Move Corp International Removal Company

Move Corp handle a range of national and international moving services meaning, they have the resources to handle every move, no matter the size. Their team of experts have years of expertise and are armed with specialist equipment to ship furniture, boxes, and goods worldwide. Move Corp is equipped to ship whatever you need via air, road or sea freight safely and securely.


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