4 Reasons Why You Need to Try Kayaking

Reasons Why You Need to Try Kayaking

There are numerous great outdoor activities to try if you want to do something new. One of them provides an exhilarating rush of excitement while also giving you a great workout at the same time. Welcome to kayaking! Kayaking is a fantastic sport to take up as it has a low cost and provides a lot of great memories on the water.

What is Kayaking?

If you are wondering what kayaking entails, then you need to know more about the actual sport itself. Kayaking comes in two different forms. For example, you can try flatwater kayaking, or you can embark on the more daring whitewater kayaking. Flatwater kayaking involves taking your kayak for a nice ‘stroll’ on the open water without any waves or rapids. This can include a lazy day at the pond or lake or can also include kayaking over a calm ocean. 

Flatwater kayaking is a great activity for both families and for solo experiences. It can prove to be a very meditative and relaxing experience, say the experienced kayakers from FantasticKayaks.com, also adding that you should always go for a style that suits you best. Whitewater kayaking involves kayaking through fast rivers and going over rapids at all different levels. There are many options for kayaking, as you will find.

Why Kayak? 

Now, if you are wondering why you should rent or purchase a kayak and get on the water today, then there are numerous reasons as to why kayaking is beneficial for you! Listed here are the top four reasons to take up kayaking right away:

1. Spend time with friends, family, or a loved one 

Kayaking is a great opportunity to spend time with those that you love. You can work on building relationships with your family or your children while kayaking. You can create a special bond with your loved one or even take a date out on the water for a chance to get to know each other. It is one of the outdoor activities where you can enjoy the outdoors while still being able to spend quality time together, laughing and talking. It is also a great way to catch up with friends or family after a busy week, making it the perfect combination of outdoor recreation and quality time.

2. Relaxation 

When you choose to take up flatwater kayaking, then you are in for a relaxing and meditative experience. There is nothing stressful about gliding around flat, open water with a few friends or alone. Whenever you are feeling stressed, you can easily take your kayak out to a lake or to the sea and paddle around while soaking in the sunlight and the beauty of the outdoors all around you. 

3. Adventure 

Of course, if you choose the more adventurous side of kayaking, such as the raging whitewater of a fast-moving river, then you are in for an adventurous treat! You can explore new places, feel the rush of getting through a series of rapids, and even maneuver waterfalls. This can give you both the rush that you needed as well as the satisfaction of achieving something that you previously may not have thought that you could do. This will also give you more confidence in other areas of your life. 

4. Stress relief 

You can relieve a great deal of stress with either option that you choose with kayaking. If you choose to go out on a calm lake or when the ocean is calm, then you will experience the meditative calmness and stillness that you need to destress. If you go out and experience a whitewater adventure, then you can destress through fun and exhilarating adventure. This will give you more self-confidence, which will raise your self-esteem at the same time. It will also improve your overall attitude with your day and your entire week. 

There are both emotional and physical benefits of participating in outdoor activities. These are especially true for those who want to take up kayaking as a new hobby. Kayaking keeps you in touch with the outdoors while also adding the water element to the sport. It has different aspects to it, so you can choose to take your kayak out for a casual outing on the water, or you can choose to take it down world-class rapids (once you know what you are doing!) With all of the options for kayaking and the fact that it is a relatively cheap sport to take up, why not rent a kayak and go out on the water right away!