5 Compelling Reasons for Drug Testing in The Workplace

Compelling Reasons for Drug Testing in The Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace is controversial. Some people believe that it is an invasion of privacy, while others see it as a necessary measure for safety and productivity.

Furthermore, organizations and individuals on both sides of the issue have different agendas and beliefs, so it isn’t easy to find common ground. However, regardless of your stance on the subject, there are compelling reasons to drug test your employees, including:

Reducing Accidents and Property Damage

One of the primary reasons to perform a drug and alcohol test on each employee is to reduce accidents. This is especially important in settings where employees operate heavy machinery, drive company vehicles and work with dangerous equipment that can lead to injury or death.

Drug testing also helps reduce the rate of property damage. When an employee is working under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they become less productive. As a result, they can’t focus on their work and make errors that can damage the company’s property. For example, an employee who works in a warehouse may have trouble staying focused while working with machinery or boxes, leading to mistakes and costly damages if not caught early enough.

Protecting Product Quality

When employees come to work impaired, it can reduce product quality and increase mistakes that affect your bottom line. In addition, employees who abuse prescription medications may not account for their impairment when completing tasks such as writing reports, following safety protocols, and working with colleagues to meet common goals.

Compelling Reasons for Drug Testing in The Workplace

As a result, you won’t have any idea where you’re going wrong, and your profits may take a hit. Drug testing allows you to identify and help employees with substance abuse problems before it becomes a bigger problem that can affect your insurance premiums and your profitability.

This will help Decreasing Absenteeism Rates 

Employees who are hooked on opioids are at risk for abusing other substances, such as alcohol. Consequently, there’s an increased absenteeism rate because employees are not in the best state to show up to work or perform their job duties correctly.

If you’re running such a workplace, you’ll find that employees will abuse sick days. They may just be trying to take off work because they’re tired, hungover, or simply don’t feel like working that day.

These trends will negatively impact your company’s bottom line. Therefore, it’s essential to take action before things get worse.

Compelling Reasons for Drug Testing in The Workplace

It Helps You Find Employees Who Are a Good Fit for Your Company

No one wants to fire their employees. It’s awkward for both parties. The employee will feel targeted, while you’ll feel bad for having to let them go.

This is where drug testing comes in handy. You can weed out the unsuitable candidates before they even step foot into your workplace by testing every candidate who applies to work with you. Then, if there’s no positive result, you can rest easy knowing that you have a good fit.

It Ensures Your Workplace Is Safe for Everyone to Work In

Not only is it essential to ensure that your business is safe, but it’s also imperative that all of the employees enjoy coming to work every day. No one wants to work in an environment where they’re likely to get hurt or harassed by their colleagues.

Pre-employment drug testing allows you to weed out the people who may become a liability in your workplace. Furthermore, employees will stay with you longer if they feel like they’re valued members of the company and trust one another. 

When is the Best Time to Perform Drug Testing in the Workplace?

A good time to conduct workplace drug testing is during the hiring process. This will allow you to hire new trustworthy employees and have a great work ethic that matches your business needs. 

However, you should also prioritize random drug testing to keep your employees on their toes. The benefit of this is that random drug testing allows you to find inconsistencies in behavior. In other words, random drug tests will ensure that your employees stay clean and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working for your business.

What Drugs Should You Test For?

There is no standard list of drugs to test for during workplace drug testing. Some employers may only require their employees to test for marijuana, PCP, methamphetamines, cocaine, and amphetamines. However, you have the option of testing your employees for many additional substances.

Wrapping Up

While the issue of drug testing in the workplace is controversial, the fact is that every employer has a responsibility to provide safe and productive workplaces for their employees. 

It’s best to test your employees during the hiring process to weed out candidates that don’t fit your company’s expectations. This way, you’ll avoid instances of employee inconsistencies and the need for firing shortly after hiring them.