A Beginner’s Guide To The Keto Diet

A Beginner’s Guide To The Keto Diet

What is keto?

A ketogenic diet, also referred to as a keto diet is a low carbohydrate and high fat diet. The keto diet can be effective for weight loss and also for certain health conditions, and this is something that lots of studies have actually found out. A keto diet can be really useful to help you lose excess body fat without being hungry. A keto diet can also really help you to improve type 2 diabetes or your metabolic system.

What is the keto diet composed of?

So, a keto diet is one which will limit the amount of carbs that you consume and it also has a host of potential health benefits. It is true that when you eat less carbs, then your body will begin to burn fat for fuel. By doing this, you can put your body into a metabolic state that is referred to as ketosis. Your liver will work hard to turn fat into small energy molecules which are called ketones, which your brain and your other organs can use for energy. You can visit https://fastandeasyketo.com/ for more information on what you can and can’t eat as part of the keto diet.

Precautions that you need to be aware of before starting keto

Here’s the thing, we know that there are a lot of controversies and a lot of myths about a keto diet. However, for most people it does actually seem to be very safe. But there are two groups which often require medical supervision. If you take medication for high blood pressure, or if you take medication for diabetes then you should speak to your doctor about starting the keto diet with the medication that you are taking.

If you are currently breastfeeding then you should avoid the keto diet altogether.

What can you eat on the keto diet?

What is the most important thing to do in order to allow your body to reach ketosis? You need to avoid eating too many carbohydrates, and it is very likely that you will have to stay under 50 grams of net carbs per day, this is ideally below 20 grams.

The fewer carbs that you eat, then much more effective that your diet will be and therefore the more likely you will be to reach ketosis. Additionally, the less carbs that you eat then the more effective that your diet will be to help you to lose weight or to help you to improve your type 2 diabetes. At first you might find that counting carbs can be really helpful, however if you adhere to the foods that make your keto diet the best it can be then you will be able to stay keto without even counting.

The food specifics

If you are still wondering what kind of foods that you can eat on the keto diet then you will be surprised to know that the list is pretty basic. Vegetables, fruits along with dairy and nuts will help fuel your keto diet.

How to plan your keto diet

If you have the right strategies then you will be surprised to know that a keto diet can be super easy to plan and to follow. A great way to start off is by picking your protein source, this could be meat or fish or seafood or tofu. To complete your meal you should then select two low-carbohydrate vegetables. You should then add a healthy source of fat too.

What can you drink on a ketogenic diet?

So now we have outlined all of the different foods that you can eat on a ketogenic diet, you might be wondering what you are allowed to drink when you are on the diet. Water is the perfect drink, and coffee and tea are also acceptable to consume as part of the diet too. If you like sugars in your tea or coffee, you should swap to sweeteners. A splash of milk is okay, but it is important to note that the carbs can add up if you find yourself drinking multiple cups in a day.

In conclusion

To eat keto you need to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that you are eating, and you need to get plenty of protein into your diet. You also need to make sure that you add fat for flavor and fullness. Keto will be great for you to incorporate into your lifestyle if you are looking to lose weight or improve your blood sugar without feeling hungry, and also without counting calories. Generally speaking, keto is safe because there are potential side effects and then some people will need precautions.