Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return

Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return

Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return:

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Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return: The Journey

Join the best Perth to Broome Tour in Western Australia. This tour contains amazing scenery, marine life experience and Karijini National Park. Further, it provides a Karijini Eco Tent Glamping Experience. Perfect for young, adventurous & budget conscious travellers!

Day 1 – Perth to Northbrook

First stop after leaving Perth will be the impressive Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park. Enjoy a guided tour through the fantastic limestone formations. Drop in at the Discovery Centre before settling for lunch by the sea. Night-stay at the Northbrook Farmstay. The tour will accommodate you at Kalbarri YHA from Dec-March for the first night. This is due to the weather conditions. Northbrook Farmstay The Northbrook Farmstay is situated 6 km north of the historic town of Northampton. It is located at a traditional Australian wheat and sheep farm in the countryside. The accommodation includes air-conditioned private rooms, non-air-conditioned private rooms as well as cottages.  For more information on the Northbrook Farmstay, please visit; 

Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return: Day 2 – Northbrook to Shark Bay

Visit the marvels of the Murchison Gorge, Nature’s Window and Z-Bend at the Kalbarri National Park.  Try abseiling into the gorge for an extra cost if you are an adventure seeker! If weather conditions permit, cool off with a swim in the Murchison River before heading back on the bus. Travel north to Shell Beach and the town of Denham for accommodation. Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return

Day 3 – Shark Bay to Coral Bay

Meet the famous Monkey Mia Dolphins and capture your memories in fantastic photographs. Then join any of the optional activities or chill out on the beach or at the resort. Visit the breathing rock formations called the ‘Stromatolites’. Settle into your accommodation for the night at Coral Bay, right on the famous Ningaloo Reef!

Day 4 – Coral Bay

Today is yours to enjoy the many wonderful tours and activities Coral Bay has to offer! Go for a stroll on the beach and check out the shark nursery or swim with the manta rays. Scuba dive or snorkel at the Ningaloo Reef to explore the wonders that lie underneath. Enter this underwater wonderland metres away from the shore. All these activities will be at your own expense. Stay the night at Exmouth. 

Day 5 – Exmouth

Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return: Explore the Cape Range National park today. This park contains rugged limestone ranges, breathtaking deep canyons and pristine beaches. Relax on the beach or choose to go snorkeling at the stunning Turquoise Bay (snorkel hire $10). Visit Vlamingh Head Lighthouse and relax at Milyering Discovery Centre. Return to your accommodation in the late afternoon.
Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return
The beautiful coral coast.
Milyering Discovery Centre This venue provides information about Cape Range National Park and Ningaloo Marine Park. Learn all about the natural communities of the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage area. This building has been made of rammed earth and powered by solar energy. This is the only total environmental friendly building of its type in Australia.  For more information on the Milyering Discovery Centre, please visit; 

Day 6 – Exmouth to Karijini National Park

Travel eastward through station country and stop at Tom Price. Tom price is the highest town in Western Australia. Get your supplies at the town, before heading over to the Karijini National Park. The natural wonders of this beautiful national park will amaze you. Stay at the multi-award-winning Karijini Eco Retreat. The Eco Safari Tents of this Retreat contain a veranda, quality beds, linen, and hot showers! For reservations, please visit;

Days 7 & 8 – Karijini National Park/Port Hedland

Explore the amazing Karijini National Park to its fullest during these two days. Enjoy 2.5 billion years of evolution and 40,000 years of culture. Swim in the rock pools and visit the gorges and waterfalls. Explore intriguing rock formations. Visit Hancock Gorge, Weano Gorge, Handrail Pool, Dales Gorge, Circular Pool, Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool. 

Day 9 – Port Hedland to Broome

Arrive at the 80-Mile-Beach for some awesome photos! When you finally arrive into Broome, go on a guided tour around the town and Cable Beach. Check in at your Broome accommodation for the night.  Cable Beach Cable Beach is a short 8-minute drive from the township of Broome. Go on a camel ride!  Enjoy the idyllic beach with its sun-kissed white sand, turquoise water and spectacular Indian Ocean sunsets. Find your own slice of paradise, swim or go on a boat cruise. Or, sit back and marvel at one of the best ocean sunsets on earth.  For more information on Cable Beach, please visit;

Day 10 & 11: Broome

Occupy yourself with the tons of things to do at Broome and enjoy all that the township has to offer. Explore the China Town and its pearling history or watch a movie at the world’s oldest open-air cinema. Check out the many restaurants and cafés that serve delicious international cuisine. Or opt to cook your own lunches and dinners at the hostel. 

Days 12, 13 & 14 – Broome to Perth via Northbrook

The three-day express journey back to Perth takes you along the coastline of Western Australia.  Spend a night at the Karratha Backpackers and another at the Northbrook Farm Stay. The tour provides breakfasts while you buy your own lunches and dinners. Bid farewell to your tour-mates with whom you shared a remarkable 2-weeks! Karratha Backpackers Hostel Backpacking is great choice of travel for independent and young people. It is also suitable for those travelling on a budget. And budget accommodation is a great way to save money to indulge on the tour. Further it lets you meet like-minded travel-mates who add to fun of the tour. Karratha Backpackers Hostel provides you plenty of accommodation choices. These choices are easy on your wallet! For more information on this budget accommodation, please visit; 

Perth to Broome Backpacker Tour Deals

  • Tour Operator: Integrity Coach Lines
Backpacker Advantages: Backpackers prefer to do budget tours. As such, the cheapest price is attractive to them. Further, the ‘Hop on Hop off’ feature opens opportunities for cheap backpacker accommodation. For purchasing a ‘Hop on Hop off’ pass, please visit;
  • Tour Operator: see our products above.
13-day Backpacker Camping Tour: Prices from AUS $1599+ (AUS $ 29 optional camping gear rental) For more information and booking this tour, please visit; Backpacker Advantages: This tour accommodates only backpackers! As such, you will be among young travellers in the age group of 18 – 35 and young guides. Make new friends and be who you are!
  • Tour Operator: Kimberley Wild Expeditions
12-day Tour: Prices from AUS $ 4995 For more information and booking this tour, please visit;
  • Tour Operator: Red Earth Safaris
10-day Tour: Prices from AUS $ 1685 Backpacker Advantages: All prices are kept low due to shared dormitory and camping accommodation. For more information and to book , please visit our tour list above;

Tour 4:-  Perth to Broome off-the-Beaten-Path 19-day Tour

The Journey

Take this tour to get an off-the-beaten-path experience. Yet, the key highlights of the route are covered in this tour. Travel away from the hustle and bustle of the city to the tropics along the scenic Coral Coast itinerary. Be awed at the wonders of Western Australia along the beach townships and in the national parks.

Key Highlights of the Tour

  • Lancelin Sand Dunes
Slide down 45-degree-angle sand dunes for an adrenalin-pumping experience at Lancelin! These are the biggest sand dunes in Western Australia. Hit the sand in a dirt bike or 4WD vehicle. Reach the peaks to be rewarded with stunning panoramas. The views of Lancelin, sand hills, surrounding farmland, and the coastline are gorgeous. Don’t miss the best views at dawn and dusk.  For more information on Lancelin Sand Dunes, please visit; 
  • What to bring?
Primarily, you will need a sand board, which you can rent on the spot. You can drive a 2WD vehicle, but you need to park them at the base of the dunes on the hard rock. If you want to go deep into the off-road area, you will need a 4WD vehicle. You will also need glasses to protect your eyes from the glare and sand being blown into your eyes.
  • Wedge Island
The secluded Wedge Island is situated north of Lancelin. White beautiful sand and secluded waters characterize the island. The island’s waters are suitable for snorkelling, surfing or body-boarding. There are great spots to fish and catch rock lobsters, too. There are big dunes at the back of Wedge Island. Check out the old fishing shacks that line the coast, or learn to surf on the gentle waves.
  • What to bring?
Your vehicle should have some basic equipment for 4W driving in Wedge Island. Most importantly, have a shovel in your vehicle. Taking a rated snatch strap along with you may be a smart move. A GPS will be very handy as it is easy to get lost among the many beach tracks. Carry with you fishing rods and plenty of water and food.
  • The Pinnacles
Visit another attraction of the tour, the otherworldly Pinnacles Desert. The Pinnacles is located at the Nambung National Park. It is a fascinating landscape of limestone projections. Explore this amazing landscape when the sunlight plays its magic upon the rocks!  Backpacker Tour from Perth to Broome and Return
  • Jurien Bay and Geraldton
Admire the idyllic beaches of Western Australia between Jurien Bay and Geraldton as you travel along. Beach-camp, swim and relax in these stunning beaches along the coastline. 
  • Stockyard Gully National Park
Be fascinated at the group of limestone caves at the Stockyard Gully National Park. These caves lead to an underwater river system. Walk through the impressive 300-metre-long cave. Also, try the smaller caves, which need a little more manoeuvring to get through. Look out for wildlife that call this park home. Enjoy a picnic amongst the trees in this environment of tranquillity. For more information on the Stockyard Gully caves, please visit; 
  • Pink Lake
Camp near the awesome Pink Lake with its beautiful hues of pink, lilac and red. Capture the spectrum of colours during sunrise and sunset!
  • Kalbarri National Park
Kalbarri National Park has so much to offer, from awesome hikes to epic surf breaks. The high coastal cliff walks are great for spotting whales and dolphins. The gorges of Kalbarri are truly beautiful with their rugged features. Capture your memorable visit to Kalbarri with the obligatory Nature’s Window group photo.
  • Shark Bay
The world-heritage-listed Shark Bay is worth the minor 300 km detour to the west. The Stromatolites of the Hamelin Pool is one of the area’s attractions. These are breathing rock formations. But, the Monkey Mia dolphins are the most famous feature of the area. The adorable dolphins keep coming to the shallow waters to be hand-fed by humans.
  • Francois Peron National Park
Francois Peron National Park is known for its scenic coastline. Dramatic red cliffs, white sandy beaches and blue waters are some of its features. Head to this fantastic coastline in the Shark Bay world-heritage-listed area. Engage in an adventurous time of 4W driving. The park is home to many endangered species. Admire the dugong, manta rays, turtles and sharks swimming in the water below from the cliff tops.
  • Quobba Blow Holes
This natural phenomenon, located 75 km north of Carnarvon, is an awe-inspiring sight. Powerful ocean swells force seawater through sea caves and up, out of narrow holes in the rocks. This makes jets of water erupt into the air as high as 20 metres, creating the most spectacular sight. Point Quobba is a sheltered lagoon full of corals and rich in marine life. For more information on the Quobba blowholes, please visit;
  • Coral Bay, Exmouth and Ningaloo Reef
These destinations are on the bucket list of everyone travelling the west coast. They are home to the stunning Ningaloo Reef which is easily accessible from these places. Snorkel over vast colourful coral gardens. Marine life such as turtles, reef sharks and countless reef fish call the reef home. Encounter the ‘Whale Sharks’, the biggest in the ocean, and swim alongside them! 
  • Cape Range National Park
Cape Range National Park runs parallel to the Ningaloo Reef. There are plenty of great walks into deep creeks and canyons to please the adventurer in you. Spot the tiny Rock Wallabies hanging onto the cliffs. 
  • Turquoise Bay
Treat yourself to a cool dip at Turquoise Bay after the tiresome hikes of the Cape Range National Park. 
  • Karijini National Park
Travel 600 km inland from the coast to enter the best National Park in Australia, Karijini! Do justice to the rugged beauty surrounding you by spending a few days in this amazing park. Explore the deep gorges lined with reddish-yellow rocks and serene swimming holes. Be rewarded after every hike in the red dirt by a refreshing dip in the beautiful and cool pools. 
  • Mount Bruce
Mount Bruce is Western Australia’s second-highest peak. It is located in the beautiful Karijini National Park. Climb Mt. Bruce (1,235 metres in all to the top), for an exhilarating physical challenge and stunning views. The winding trail takes you around smaller peaks and rocky outcrops. The trail gets harder halfway, but the sense of achievement as well as the views are rewarding. For more information on Mount Bruce, please visit;
  • Broome
The last leg of the journey is a long drive to Broome. This journey is broken up with refreshing swims along the way. Visit Port Hedland for a dip in the local swimming hole as well as learn all about the township’s mining industry. Visit 80-Mile Beach for yet another evening dip and linger around to soak in one of the best sunsets. Also visit –  5 Things To Do in Broome that Aren’t Cable Beach Camel Rides Night Clubs and Pubs in Broome  Whale Shark Season Exmouth  Best Beach Hostels in Exmouth