Best Places to Visit While Vacating in Peru

Best Places to Visit While Vacating in Peru

Peruvian delights are one of South America’s Pride possessions, and you don’t want to miss it- Read this article to know more about Peru.

Situated in the western end of South America, Peru is a land full of Enigmatic natural beauties. Starting from the Andes Mountains (the longest mainland Mountain range) to Caribbean Venezuela, it is the home of many wonders.

Every year, the ambiguities hidden in Machu Picchu and the undiscovered stories of the Amazon rainforest, attract thousands of tourists to these destinations. However, Peru has many other stunning places to visit that are striking and demand to be seen.

The Charming Mother Nature mixed with the exciting flavors of food and all the adrenaline-filled activities will leave you wanting for more. It will be an unforgettable experience and one heck of a story to tell your friends and family.

Some of Peru’s Must-Visit Tourist Attractions

If you plan on visiting Peru, make sure to have plenty of time in hand. There are so many astonishing places to visit, you don’t want to be missing out on any of them. So let’s have a look at some of the best places to visit while in Peru.

Machu Picchu

Anyone visiting Peru knows that the minute you set foot in the country, Machu Picchu should be your destination. Famously known as ‘the lost city of the Incas’ this place is hidden in the midst of the Andes around 2,430 meters above land.

This accidentally discovered site has now become the number one priority of every tourist and hence a place where they hoard. There are two ways to go to Machu Picchu. You can either hop on a train or if you feel a little more adventurous, you can trek the Inca or Salkantay Trails.

There is so much you can do in Machu Picchu. The ancient buildings, baths, and temples are an aesthetic sight to the eye. Along with that, you can climb Machu Picchu Mountain through Sun Gate to get an entrancing view of the mountain valleys.


Arequipa is also known as the ‘White City’ is full of buildings that were constructed using Sillar (a white volcanic rock) taken from the contiguous mountains. It is the second-largest city in Peru surrounded by many volcanoes amongst which is the El Misti.

Even though Arequipa does not have a rich Incan history, it is said to hold the preserved body of an Incan girl (the Lady of Ampato) who according to the legends, was sacrificed to the Gods in the 1400s. Her body currently resides in the Andes Sanctuaries’ Catholic University of Santa Maria’s Museum.

If you are a big fan of canyon drops, then you should be excited to know that Arequipa is the host of Peru’s famed Colca Canyon that drops to a depth of 3,270 meters and is one of a kind.


Cusco is a city that holds many titles. Currently, holding the title of America’s archeological capital, Cusco is also one of Peru’s supreme tourist destinations as it holds the sacred valleys of Inca and is the closest spot to Machu Picchu.

In the old times, Cusco was said to be the Capital of the Inca Territory, hence the city is full of Incan Temple ruins. Apart from that, you can visit the San Pedro Market where you can find hand-painted potteries, ceramics, Peruvian dolls, Alpaca textiles, and many more.

Cusco is the house of Quechua Culture in the Andes with many craft markets, hot springs, ancient buildings, trekking routes, and museums throughout the city.


Lima is the Capital City of Peru. It is a city enthralled with rich culture and delicious food. A fine balance of traditional and modern infrastructure, Spanish colonial churches, tidy slums, and bars coat this city. Histories are especially intrigued by the monasteries and cloisters in the city.

If you love seafood, then Lima should be on your bucket list as it is the heart of seafood in Peru. Being close to the coastal area gives it the great benefit of being a good food destination where you can not only enjoy seafood but can also indulge in the flavors of Peruvian delights.


Wish to feel closer to nature? Iquitos is the only city in the world that requires you to use water or air transportation. You will be able to embrace the cool breeze that floats above the water while visiting this ancient tribal city. A perfect blend of modern architecture, wooden huts, and historic buildings is what makes this city so attractive.

You will have new experiences with the floating markets that sell souvenirs, fruits, and crocodile meat (if you are into trying something new). You can also get the genuine Amazon feel as the city is surrounded by the northern Peruvian Amazon.


If you travel towards the Southwest region of Peru the Huacachina is a must-visit destination. This small defrayal is built around an oasis emerging in between the sandy dunes of the deserts like a fantasy. Covered with exotic palm trees, you can get an authentic Arabian feel.

Enjoy outdoor activities such as buggy rides, sandboarding, quad biking, and many more exciting activities. You can always climb on top of a dune to get a full view of the desert and jump right into the pool to escape from the heat.

Book Your Trip to Peru Today and Start This Audacious Journey

Peru is the land of phenomena and one must not miss the chance to enjoy all the pleasures this land has to offer. The ancient Spanish architecture, the outlandish nature landscapes, and just a simple breath of fresh air in Peru can change your life forever.

You might even end up discovering a new city or site, you never know what miracle Peru has in store for you. So don’t miss out on this opportunity and book your tickets today!