Choosing a Great Event Venue

Event Venues in Melbourne

Hosting an event, be it a wedding or corporate gathering, is contingent on the space that you choose. Shoehorning the event into the wrong space can become apparent at a cursory glance and can have the wrong kind of impact.

For that reason, you need to know how to choose from among event venues in Melbourne. When you know what to look for, you can make a more educated choice that fits the needs of your next big gathering.


We will get into what are arguably more important aspects of choosing an event venue later, but capacity is certainly one of the most crucial. After all, if the space doesn’t have the means of supporting equipment, guests, and more, is it really a good event venue?

Let’s say that you are hosting an art gallery. The venue needs to not only be accommodating of all the art and the guests who will be partaking but have easy access for moving artwork in and out of the venue. Organizing an event is a lot more complicated than it looks and some of the more simple things – like capacity – play a huge role in creating a success.


Like it or not, price is arguably the most important thing when choosing an event space. Unless you are extremely wealthy, you have a budget like the rest of us. Being able to find the right venue within your budgetary limitations is crucial as it can either make or break the event.

More importantly, it is a matter of what you get for your money. Are you paying to simply rent the space? What about any add-ons like signage, food, tables, chairs, entertainment, staff, etc.? Finding a venue that includes those things into the fee will be a huge deal.

The more accommodating a space can be, the more worth your investment it will be. In most cases, that also means that it will be more expensive but you can consider that when weighing your budget. Know what you are paying for and you can stretch your dollar a lot further than you may have imagined.

WiFi access

Even a few years ago, this would have been a complete after thought. In this day and age, however, remaining connected to the internet is a must for a litany of reasons. For starters, attendees will want to be able to check email, post to social media, and communicate with friends and family.

Having strong, reliable wifi access will ensure that everyone does not miss a beat. A venue with a strong internet connection is likely to make guests happy and may be a requirement for someone like a DJ, allowing access to cloud storage. Don’t overlook this aspect of a venue or you may kick yourself for not choosing carefully.


There may be nothing worse as an eventgoer than having to find your way into an event that isn’t easily accessible. Parking is one of the key factors involved in holding an event and there needs to be enough to accommodate guests. Many are not willing to pay exorbitant parking prices or leave their car on the street.

Choose a venue that makes it easy for guests to attend. Whether that be through accessible parking or a convenient public transportation method, that depends on your needs. In some of the more unique situations, valet may be a more appropriate service to offer which you can do even if the venue does not. Consider the ease of access to the venue and it can help you decide whether you’ve made the right choice.