Things to do in Coffs Harbour

Things to do in Coffs Harbour New South Wales

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]ny town that has a giant banana as their iconic emblem deserves automatic respect.
Apart from being the enviable owner of the biggest banana in Australia, Coffs Harbour is actually a quaint little town that begs to be discovered. Boredom is not an option in Coffs Harbour.
Water: The water is the first thing to strike your eyes as you enter the harbour. Endless golden beaches outline the coast of Coffs Harbour filled with loads of fish – for this reason, diving has become a popular pastime for tourists and locals alike. Kayaking is a more relaxed, cheaper alternative, especially if you have a fear of tiny fish. If you are more of an adrenaline junkie, the surf can be pretty good – boards are available for hire by Diggers Beach – where the most gnarly waves are. If you are an overweight, lazy adrenaline junkie, jet skiing around the harbour and pissing off the fishermen can provide hours of fun. Coffs also has some of the wildest white water rafting on the Nymboida River. Best not to use the jet ski here.
Nature: There is no doubt that travelling the East Coast can be a liver-wrecking time of your life. Sometimes, however, museums are skipped for moonshine. Tours are missed for tequila and culture is swapped for Carlton Draught. Coffs Harbour is the perfect place to reclaim some of those lost brain cells and culture.
Riding around the town and its outskirts is a good (bumpy) way to take in the town in its entirety. There are plenty of tours available for those who prefer the modern way. The mountain trail tours are award winning, eco-friendly 4WD rainforest, waterfall and bush tucker adventures that make you feel like you are on I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here – but unlike the Z-listers, your self respect will be in tact.
George’s gold mine was first opened in 1881 and is still conducting unique tours now. The huge stores of gold that are supposed to be in the caves have never been found so if you sneak a mini pick axe in to the tiny tunnels, the drinks could be on you afterwards.
There is a small Historical Museum in the town with a good collection of relics and aboriginal artefacts and it’s definitely worth a peek.
Nightlife: Although not renowned for its nightlife, Coffs Harbour has its hidden little night spots with proximity to hostels and cheap restaurants and live music played regularly.

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