Dota for Beginners: A Method to Start Playing and Betting without Hassle

Method to Start Playing and Betting without Hassle

What do you need to know to become a professional Dota player? In fact, there is a mix of things to be done on the way to success. If you decide to register at, you will need to take some steps. Read on to find out more information about it.

Try the Tutorial

Dota does offer a tutorial where you’ll learn the range of heroes and the kinds of abilities that every hero possesses. At the intro-level, you will learn the evolutionary basis for the modern MOBA genre. Also, you will get a basic introduction to available items.

Find a Coach

By playing with someone who knows how to play Dota, you will master new skills or improve possessed ones. Whether it will be your friends or the other players met on the Dota platform, you will benefit from this kind of experience. During the game, you can always ask plenty of questions, because your opponents will have the relevant knowledge to be shared with you.

Communicate with Other Players

Supportive communication is required to enhance your game awareness. Instead of fleeing in terror at the prospect of Dota’s complexity, you can ask your friends or other Dota players to show you the ropes. If they agree to help you, make sure you get a mic. Voice communication is crucial, especially when you’re listening to new information. They can instruct you on where you should be, what hero best fits in the available lineup, what items the team needs, and so on. Also, people tend to help you if you are keen on supporting the team. 

Play Against Bots

While playing against bots is not such a great thing, it is still better than nothing. If you don’t find anyone to help you with Dota practicing, you have a good alternative. Dota’s bots tend to be quite strong and even aggressive, which makes you take serious challenges. No need to say that it will have a positive impact on your gaming and betting competence.

Check in-game Guides

On the Internet, you can find lots of Dota guides that contain useful information for beginners. At, you will find the recommendations and instructions for gaming and betting activities. Of course, such guides cannot be viewed as universal rulebooks, so you still need to filter the information there. But they can be an excellent starting point to learning heroes and the game itself.

Play Support Heroes

As a beginner, you should focus on support characters. They aim to help the more powerful characters win the game. Also, they can spend their gold on extra items in order to help the team. If you consider supporting your team, don’t hesitate to buy the courier before heroes are selected. After knowing more heroes, you will know which one of them can fit into the team lineup at this or that moment.

Go Outside the Game

Apart from playing Dota, you will want to venture outside the game into the greater community. There is an enormous amount of community-generated content that can be referred to without the direct participation.

Outside of the community is the professional environment that will offer you a totally new experience. Professional competitions will teach you how to play heroes that you never knew. Moreover, they will show you some highly-effective tactics from map control to macro.

Bottom Line

If you want to achieve success at Dota, it’s important to know the basics of the game. This is the first point that will turn you into a Dota player. If you master all the relevant skills and expand your knowledge, you will have all chances of becoming a professional in this sphere. Now that you know what to do, take action.