Essentials You Need to Check Before Going Ice Fishing

Essentials You Need to Check Before Going Ice Fishing

If you are a talented angler and you love fishing, but you are starting to get bored with it and you need a challenge, going ice fishing could be the perfect activity for you. It is more complicated than regular fishing and is certainly more dangerous. That is why you need to do your research before embarking on an ice fishing journey. Without the proper gear, your trip could be over before it even started. We will present you with the essential equipment.

Fishing Equipment

Regular and ice fishing equipment differ in only a few pieces. The first different thing is that you will need special ice fishing rods and lines and ice fishing jigs. Secondly, you need an ice auger to be able to drill a hole in the ice. There are affordable manual augers that are best for a beginner. Sleds and buckets are necessary for traveling and transporting your equipment over the ice. Also, consider investing in an ice fishing shelter to keep yourself warm.

Essentials You Need to Check Before Going Ice Fishing

Winter Clothes

Wear clothes that will make you feel at least 10 degrees hotter than the weather outside. Test your outfit by going outside before the trip. Don’t forget to check the weather report before going. Wear layers upon layers of clothes. The top layer should be insulated and the one nearest to your body light. Make sure to pack some extra clothes in case the ones you are wearing get wet. Also, don’t forget that everything should be waterproof. Wear the warmest and the most comfortable winter boots you can find.

Fish Finder

This one is not a necessity, and if ice fishing is a one-time thing for you, you can avoid it. However, a fish finder is one handy tool. It is a small technological device that shows you the depth, temperature, and quantity of fish in your chosen area. 

Heat Source

When you are sitting in a cold for hours and hours you will need every heat addition you can find. Bring a propane heater or, if you find it too hard to carry, some small portable heating device just to warm your fingers. If you bring a heating source with you, you will avoid getting sick and will probably be able to extend your journey.

Safety Equipment

As was previously mentioned, spending time on ice could be dangerous, so having some sort of first aid kit is a must. Never go on ice before checking its thickness. If you are not careful and fall in you could get hypothermia and die. Bring bandages with you in case you get blisters from the cold. Additionally, bring some sort of disinfectant to clean off potential scraps and injuries.

If you are careful and well-informed your ice fishing trip will be one of the best experiences of your life. The most important thing is to stay warm and watch where you’re going. In addition to the gear we mentioned, you should also bring food and water supplies. Staying hydrated is important because with all those layers on you will probably sweat more than usual. Be careful, patient, and prepared and there should be no problems on your trip.