Helpful Tricks For Couples That Will Spice Up a Boring Relationship

Helpful Tricks For Couples That Will Spice Up a Boring Relationship

There’s no denying that relationships require effort. Once you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to fall into a routine. Some things can take priority over your partner, like completing your new passion project or staying late at work. After a long day at work, all you really want to do when you get home is take your shoes off, curl up on the couch with some snacks and relax. 

Before you know it, the routine gets in the way of everything else, and your relationship isn’t what it used to be. Boredom is the fastest way to drain passion from a relationship. It is at this point that relationships are strained and couples become more like roommates than lovers.

It is possible to spice up the boudoir when things get a bit monotonous. We have put together a list of helpful trickers for couples to spice up a boring relationship. 

Take a Shower Together

It is pretty easy and doesn’t take a lot of effort to follow this uncomplicated sex trick. You should use it occasionally otherwise it’ll become just another part of your routine. 

Be prepared for when your partner goes for a shower. Wait for a couple of minutes and then surprise them as you climb into the shower with them. Grab their face and start kissing them. This will be an extra turn-on for your partner if you are usually the submissive one. Then see where things go from there.  

Send a Suggestive Text

Sexting is a playful, fun way to show your partner that you are thinking about them. While they’re washing the car or doing something mundane, like food shopping, send them a provocative text. Make it even more cheeky by sending it when they’re at work. 

Fill in the blanks: ‘I want to ___ your ___ slowly while you ___ my ___’. Get creative with it. Then do exactly that when they get home. 

Discover Sex Toys

Sex toys are awesome, and are perfect for next-level racy bedroom activities. Lack of foreplay can often be the cause of a boring sex life, and sex toys are the perfect cure for insufficient foreplay action. 

Use them before and during sex. These days, there are a variety of sex toys available for both men and women. Laugh if things get awkward and just have fun with them.  

Watch Porn Together

Watching porn together is more common than you may think because porn can be a taboo topic for some people. It’s not something that others tend to discuss outside their relationships nor is it anything to be ashamed of. Search for some exciting porn deals together and bond over what turns you on. Communication is key after all and what better way to spice things up than to show your partner what you’ve always fantasized about. 

Try a New Sex Position

Sometimes when we make love with our spouse, we get set on doing a certain thing because we know it works for us. But instead of using the same sexual positions, as usual,  you can use two or more positions during sex to increase the pleasure and excitement for both of you.

You can adjust penetration depth and speed by switching up to different positions and hitting different erogenous zones. Different positions aren’t just for intercourse. Even for oral sex, changing positions can have a significant impact. 


If you’ve been trying to spice things up for a while, you may have been concentrating on the kinkier aspects of lovemaking. One of the most intimate sexual positions you can try with a partner in the missionary position. 


The standing sex position opens up a range of position possibilities and can seem challenging at first due to height differences and balance. Having sex while standing up, is a great way to explore new angles for penetration and use your hands in ways that you can’t get while lying down.


During this sex position, both partners will be able to enjoy oral sex at the same time. Although it is not for everyone because it takes a bit of concentration and flexibility, many people find it enjoyable. The key is to find the right balance between focusing on your pleasure, as well as making sure your partner is having a good time too.


There is no doubt that Doggystyle is one of the most common sexual positions, right after the missionary position. Many enjoy it simply because it allows for deeper penetration, and the view isn’t bad either. If you are in the receptive position, you may find that it is easier for you to stimulate yourself compared to when your partner is on top, which may make it easier for you to orgasm.


There are many people who find this position to be extremely sexy. You can achieve an intimacy that you would not be able to achieve in a Doggystyle position. In addition to maintaining eye contact and kissing, being able to touch each other can also be a major turn-on. The on-top partner also has more control over the depth and speed of thrusting from this position.

Book a Hotel Room

A change of scenery will certainly help break up a monotonous routine. You don’t have to book an expensive penthouse suite at the Ritz. Whenever you stay somewhere unfamiliar, the thrill of the unknown is enough to get you going. 

Try not to put too much pressure on yourselves to have sex, as the build-up may have the opposite effect. Instead, look at it as a treat. Get dressed up, have a fancy meal with some wine, laugh together and see where the night takes you. 

Book a Hotel Room

If things get boring in your relationship, it’s easy to think that the relationship is doomed. As long as there are no obvious signs of relationship decline, such as mental or physical abuse, any, or all of the above tips will help bolster a humdrum relationship. 

You’ll get the most out of these tricks if you’re both open to some extra excitement in the bedroom. Discovering what turns you both on is a great way to remedy the mundane and get back to the honeymoon phase.