How to Choose and Apply a Highlighter?

How to Choose and Apply a Highlighter?

Highlighting Your Skin Can Be a Great Way to Make It Look Younger and Healthier. You Can Also Use a Highlighter for Face Contouring. Check What Kind of Products Are Available on the Market and How to Apply Them.

A healthy glow is a trend in makeup that has completely replaced the matte, so popular in the first decade of the new millennium. Back then, we would apply the products that reduce the risk of skin shine to zero, such as matte fluids in the mousse and velvety-matte transparent powders. Many would also use matting wipes.

Now, we hardly remember days when matte used to rule, treating the skin shine not only as something inevitable but even desirable. A healthy glow is more than welcome in your makeup. However, you should let your skin shine uncontrollably. It’s better to use a highlighter together with other makeup products in order to control your glow!

Healthy Glow – How to Achieve the Effect?

It’s not easy to achieve a healthy glow look without a thoughtful skin routine. Double cleansing, pH balancing, and regular application of serums – all these rituals will help you come closer to this goal. However, let’s focus on the makeup. The highlighter will provide you with a glowy effect. However, you have to know how to apply it in the right way. Putting too much will make you look unnatural. 

The Types of Highlighters

In the shops, you can find highlighters in cream, stick, or powder. For the most light and natural effect, consider using the cream one. If you want it to look bolder, the powder one will be the best choice. The highlighters in the form of the stick are easy to overdose, so they are advised for professional use rather than home one.

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The highlighters can have various shades. For a natural, summerish effect, consider using the gold one. The strobe and diamond ones will be bolder.

How to Apply the Highlighter?

The highlighter in cream is usually applied under the fluid or CC cream, providing a well-distributed glow. With the one in powder, it’s different.

Apply it on the fluid, distributing it on the top of your cheekbones and under the eyebrows. Some like to apply highlighter also at the cupid bow. If you would like to do some contouring, you may consider using the highlighter at the middle line of your nose. It’s a common way to make it look more slender.