How to get a Backpacker Job?

Farm Jobs for Backpackers in Western Australia

How to get a Backpacker Job?

Backpackers arriving in Australia are unlikely to have contacts to find a job immediately. A labour-hiring company can connect backpackers with companies. Firstly, they will have a registration/induction with the team. Following this, these companies can assign them to a job that meets their skills.

Requirements for getting a Job in Western Australia
  • White Card

To get a job in the construction industry, a person should have a White Card. The White Card indicates that the person holding it has completed the following;

– General construction induction

– Necessary training 

– Assessments. 

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

To work safely, the relevant Personal Protective Equipment is needed.

  • Positive Attitude

A positive attitude takes you a long way, especially in construction work. 

  • Trade Qualification

You can continue working in that trade in Australia while on a Temporary Visa if you have trade qualifications from another country. Bring a copy of the trade certificate. It is required to show that an overseas apprenticeship was completed. 

  • Tools

Some skilled jobs and all trade jobs require you to have the right tools for the job. 

  • Hospitality Jobs

You can walk in for an interview if vacancies are advertised for hospitality trade jobs. Alternatively, you can visit a pub, hotel, bar or tavern and inquire if there are vacancies. If there are, you may face an interview and try your luck. 

  • Farm work

Many companies work closely with farming clients in Western Australia. These companies place casual, short-term and permanent workers in farm jobs and other agriculture positions. In this way, workers are placed across all regions of the state.

  • Places of work

There are opportunities for farm work near Perth, Fremantle, Esperance, Geraldton, Mandurah, Busselton or Bunbury. You can find a job based on your skills and experience.

  • Agriculture regions

There are ten agriculture regions in Western Australia. They are Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Midwest, Wheatbelt, Perth, Peel, South West, Great Southern and Goldfields. Workers are placed in all of these agricultural regions. 

  • Types of farm work

Backpackers can find work in mixed vegetable crops, strawberry farms, poultry farms and grain storage facilities.

  • Benefits

Backpackers who are engaged in farm work in the regions can easily get a one-year extension to their holiday work visa.

Regional work for your second Working Holiday Visa

Unsurprisingly, many who visit Australia for a year on a Working Holiday Visa wish to extend for the second year. Glorious summers, great jobs, and a rich lifestyle seem far better prospects than returning home. But, to stay in Australia, you must undertake some form of regional work. This regional work will lead to your second working holiday visa being granted.

  • Specified Work

Regional or specified work covers farming, fishing, pearling, mining, forestry, construction or conservation. The work must be completed over at least 88 days. The common misconception is that you’ll be breaking your back in the fields, getting whipped by a farm owner in the outback and forced to sleep in a hut. But, this is wrong.

  • Farm Work

Farm work is just one option of many, and, just like every other job, has its positives and negatives. Seeing you rise before dawn and sweat it out in 40° heat can be challenging. However, the majority of farms are located in remote locations. As such, you won’t face the costs that you would in the big cities. On the contrary, you are likely to save a substantial amount of cash.

To check out farming jobs in Australia, please visit; 

  • Oyster Pearling

If you’re a bit of a seaman, then why not try Oyster Pearling? One of the popular working destinations is Broome. It produces the best pearls in the world and has perfect weather around peak harvest time. You can pick up casual work all year round as people regularly come and go.

  • Benefits of Oyster Pearling

This type of work is popular with travellers, as the social aspect is one of the best. During the day, you see turtles, sea snakes, dolphins, sharks and whales. The after-hours sees the workers get together for drinks, swimming, fishing and fun by the sea. You can expect to earn between $120 and $145 daily with both accommodation and food provided. 

  • Conservation Volunteering

You may not be concerned about earning money and should give something back. In such a case, Conservation Volunteering is right up your street. There is so much work available in this field. The work areas are coastline maintenance, land-care management, endangered species care or rescuing turtles. Conservation Volunteers Australia completes over 2000 projects across Australia each year.

  • Benefits of Conservation Volunteering

You can plan your volunteering around the places you already intend to visit. Get amid nature; truly explore and ‘find yourself.’ All you need is a love for nature and reasonable health and fitness. Prior experience is not essential.

To take the first step in Conservation Volunteering, please visit; 

  • Mining

The current mining boom in Western Australia has made some cities close to Perth such as York into eligible regional areas. This type of work requires skilled workers for coal and metal mining as well as oil and gas extraction. Further, unskilled workers are recruited as trade assistants and fire watchers. 

  • Benefits of Conservation Mining

Finish your regional work with a huge wad of cash by mining. As a bonus, most mines will pay for your travel out there, which is great news as most are in remote locations.

  • Things to watch out for:

1. The specified work must be undertaken within an authorised postcode. But, a common mistake is made when workers don’t check out the postcode to find the right work. If you take work in the wrong postcode, you have to start your 88 days from scratch.

To view the table of eligible postcodes, please visit;

2. Once you’ve nailed 3 months of labour and has filled out a verification form then you’ve met the requirements. You should also be able to produce the certified pay slips. Remember to keep all your pay slips so when the time comes to apply, it’s quick and painless. 

To apply for your Second Working Holiday Visa, please visit 

Once your visa has been granted, you can spend another year in Australia. Enjoy for yet another year, the sun, sea and surfing lifestyle that Australian dreams are made of. Good luck!

Fruit picking seasons in Western Australia

Ninety per cent of travellers get their second year working holiday visa in Australia by fruit picking! The second year of working holiday visa requires a person to clock-up 88 days, all signed off by a farmer. Each year, thousands of travellers become fruit pickers in Western Australia. The following information provides a guide to finding work in Western Australia.

Regions of Western Australia that needs fruit pickers

  • Busselton

Avocados and grapes are cultivated in Busselton. Avocados are ready for picking during the latter part of the year, from August to December. Grapes are harvested during the winter months as well as from February to April.

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Busselton

There is a high worker demand in Busselton in September and October, when avocados are harvested in abundance.

  • Carnarvon

Carnarvon is blessed with the cultivation of a variety of fruits. Bananas, mangoes, melons, grapes and tomatoes are cultivated here. Carnarvon may be a good place for fruit pickers to hang around as Banana is harvested during all 12 months. Mangoes and melons are harvested during the summer and early fall. Grapes and tomatoes are available for picking during the rest of the month.

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Carnarvon

There is a high worker demand in Carnarvon in all the months other than April. There is a heavy harvest of fruits in the following manner;

Fruits Months of heavy yield

Bananas All the months

Mangoes January – February

Melons January – March

Grapes June – July / October – December

Tomatoes May – December


  • Gingin

Gingin produces citrus fruits, stone fruits, olives and grapes throughout the year. There are citrus fruit yields to harvest in all 12 months of the year. Stone fruits are harvested mainly in summer, from November to January. While olives are picked during the hard winter, grapes are picked in two seasons: May to July and January to February.

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Gingin

Though there is fruit picking work throughout the year in Gingin, there is no particular period in which high yields are harvested. As such, fruit picking work is available here at a moderate level in all the months of the year. 

  • Margaret River

Margaret River is a region famous for its grapes and winemaking. Grapes are picked from February to April as well as in the hard winter period of June to August. 

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Margaret River

Grape harvest does not happen in Margaret River in the following months;

– January

– May

– September to December

As such, fruit pickers will not find any work during these months. 

  • Moora

Citrus and stone fruits are harvested in Moora during six months of the year. Citrus fruits are ready to be picked in October and November in spring. Stone fruits are mainly harvested in summer, from November to February.

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Moora

There is a high demand for fruit pickers in Moora in October and November. This is the time when there is a high yield of citrus fruits.

  • Perth Hills

Perth Hills produces stone fruits, apples and pears. The fruits are harvested throughout the year other than May and September. But, there is no heavy yield in any particular month.

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Perth Hills

As there is no heavy harvest in any particular month, labour is only moderately in demand at Perth Hills.

  • Swan Valley

Swan Valley produces citrus fruits, stone fruits, olives and grapes. There is a moderate harvest throughout the year. Stone fruits are harvested only during November and December. Olives are picked during winter, while grapes are harvested in one season during winter and another season during summer. 

  • Demand for fruit pickers in Swan Valley

As grapes give a good yield during winter, worker demand is high in Swan Valley during July and August. There is a moderate demand for workers throughout the year in this region.

  • Farms that recruit fruit pickers in Western Australia

The following are some farms that recruit fruit pickers in Western Australia during the high-demand periods for workers. Further, these farms are situated in regions eligible for the second-year visa. As such, they help travellers in obtaining a second-year working holiday visa. Tours from Perth to Broome

  1.  Genovese Olive Co.

 Chester Pass Road, 

 Albany, WA 6330.

  1.  Wignall’s Wines

 448, Chester Pass Road,

 Walmsley, WA 6330.

  1.  Manjimup Backpackers

 59, Rose Street,

 Manjimup, WA 6258.

  1.  Redgate Wines

 659, Boodjidup Road,

 Margaret River, WA 6285.

  1.  Rockfield Estate Vineyard,

 3093, Rosa Glen Road,

 Rosa Glen, WA.

  1.  Bacchus Contracting,


 Edwards Road,

 Ambergate, WA 6280.

  • Companies that provide recruits for farms

Here are some of the companies that place recruits in farms of Western Australia.

 Agri Labour Australia

 Labour Solutions Australia

 Aussie Jobs

 Rural Enterprises


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