Things to do in Darwin

Things to do in Darwin

Things to do in Darwin

Visit Ccrocosaurus Cove 

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory that consists of cruises, marketplaces, and crocodiles. You will experience a robust Aboriginal culture through an array of languages spoken on the streets and the Aboriginal artwork that fill the museums and galleries. You will also find dynamic food scenes, night markets, and a strong Asian influence due to its close proximity to Asia.

Things to do in Darwin  visit the Museum & Art Gallery

The museum and art gallery of the Northern territory boasts of beautifully presented centric exhibits. The highlight is the Aboriginal art collection which includes bark paintings from the Arnhem Land, carvings from the Tiwi Islands, and dot paintings from the desert. You will also find an entire room devoted to Cyclone Tracy. The display of this room will graphically illustrate the aftermath of the disaster. You can listen to Tracy’s whirring sound at full throttle inside the darkened room.

Things to do in Darwin  visit Mindil Beach Sunset Market

At the Mindil Beach sunset market, food is the main attraction. You can taste Sri Lankan, Thai, Chinese, Portuguese, Brazilian, Greek, Malaysian food and many more. It will only cost from $6 to $12 a serve. You will also find fabulous rainbow tie-dyed clothing, Aboriginal artifacts, handmade jewelry, art craft stalls, and wares from Thailand and Indonesia. Mindil Beach and sunset market are just 2km from the city of Darwin. You can quickly get to the market by bus or a walk.

Things to do in Darwin  visit the Crocosaurus Cove

If you are not willing to go to see the crocs, we will bring the crocs to you. Crocosaurus Cove is situated right in the middle of Mitchell Street. You can get very close to these fantastic creatures. The state-of-the-art pool and aquarium have six large crocs bred in captivity. An eco-boat cruise will take you to the water.

Things to do in Darwin  visit the New Museum at Stokes Wharf

This new museum situated in Stokes Hill Wharf is how all museum should be. You will find a hologram cinema that has a seating capacity of 55 and virtual reality glasses that will help you relive the details of the Darwin Harbor Japanese bombing raid in 1942.

Things to do in Darwin  sample Crustaceans

Crustaceans restaurant features lobsters, fresh fish, Moreton Bay bugs, and even crocodiles and is the ideal place for seafood. It is located at the end of Stokes Hill Wharf and offers a sunset view over the Frances Bay. The location, excellent wine, and cold beer are what seals the deal.
Things to do in Darwin