Pimp your Ride with these 5 Great Caravan Accessories

Caravan Accessories

Whether you are an old hand at travelling in a caravan or brand new to the experience, you can’t deny that there are some great caravan accessories available online. Of course, you can update the furnishings and make the inside look all swish and modern, but some of the accessories that are available today can make your life so much easier on the road.

So from a practical point of view, the five caravan accessories we are going to look at are: caravan level indicators, rear view cameras, bike racks, truck GPS units, and solar blankets.

1. Caravan Level Indicators

If your caravan and 4WD are not level, then this can cause all sorts of issues on the road, but up until now, we have had to ‘eyeball’ it. Now however, you can treat yourself to the first of our five awesome caravan accessories –  a caravan level indicator. This is a two piece wireless unit that automatically lets you know when everything is level. You place the transmitter in the caravan and the receiver in your 4WD, taking the guesswork out of the job!

2. Rearview Cameras

If rear view cameras are so useful when reversing your car, just imagine how much more practical they will be when reversing your caravan. This is one of those caravan accessories that has been a long time coming, but can take all the frustration out of reversing. It’s also great for single people who don’t have someone who can stand at the rear and direct you into your camping spot. 

3. Bike Racks

Even with a 4WD that can go almost anywhere, it’s often more relaxing to hop on a bike and hit the trails. Bike riding is becoming more and more popular with everyone of all ages, but storing them when you are on the road can be a problem. No-one wants bikes inside their caravan or on the roof rack, so a bike rack that can hold at least two bikes and is attached to the rear of the caravan is an easy solution. These caravan accessories can make such a difference to your day and are definitely worth the investment.

4. Truck GPS Units

GPS units make our lives so much easier when we are driving around every day, but if you want to step it up a level, consider purchasing a truck GPS unit for when you are towing your caravan. These caravan accessories take into account the height and length of your caravan and select the safest routes – without low bridges, tight turns or narrow streets. 

5. Solar Blankets

You might already have solar panels installed for your trip, but have you considered adding a solar blanket? These are great caravan accessories if you are worried about weight or space, but even better, they can be laid out anywhere to catch the sun. Lay the blanket over your vehicle’s windscreen or bonnet, hang it from your awning or lay it on the grass. When you are done you just roll it up and store it in your vehicle, just like the sunshades you already use.

These five caravan accessories will make life on the road so much easier, but there are plenty more available online, so why not do some research and pimp your ride this year?